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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads or Google Ads: One or the Other?

A renewed focus has been placed on how to maximise the impact of online marketing campaigns. This has led to different businesses asking the same question, “Should I focus my spending on Facebook Ads or Google Ads to increase business performance?”. Fact is, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads dominate online advertising. Both deliver measurable…

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10 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020 To Help You Stay On Track

The ability to adapt to the constantly changing world of digital marketing is essential. Not every craze will stick, and some marketing trends will reap greater rewards than others. But keeping abreast of these developments allows your business to fine-tune its marketing strategy. What might have worked brilliantly a few years ago, may not get…

5 Google Ads Channels to Market your Business Effectively

5 Google Ads Channels to Market your Business Effectively

One of the most frequent questions on the internet is, “How do I get my website to show at the top of Google’s search results?” Two words: Google Ads Although a simple answer at first, understanding and utilising this platform will put your business in a great position to get more traffic to your website,…

Google Analytics – understanding your audience

Google Analytics – understanding your audience

Website users of today have extremely high expectations of their experience of your brand online. Content must be attractive and relevant; your website easy to find, use and navigate through. If your potential customers are not “feeling it” after a few clicks, they’ll leave and look elsewhere. Businesses that can understand what makes their audience…

Azapi Grow your business online

How to grow your business online.

Strategies for Growing Your Business Online!   Let’s make your business a BIG business! ? Every business wants to dive into Online Marketing – Here are a few tips on how to kick-start your Online Marketing. Build your website Let’s face it – by now it’s clear that if you don’t have a website, you’re…

The difference between AdWords & AdWords Express

The difference between AdWords & AdWords Express

As a Google AdWords Partner we get asked this question a lot. What’s the real difference between AdWords vs AdWords Express?

Are you getting the response you want from you call-to-action buttons on your website?

Don’t lay idle this winter – a few website checks to increase traffic and conversions

If you are feeling the winter slump and business seems slow, make use of the opportunity to go through your website and see where you can optimise.

Here are a few pointers to consider that can make a big difference.

Call to action

Curious about user behaviour on your website?

Your site should not merely be an online brochure – it should be an opportunity to understand your clientbase better. One of these measures will be to know how your clients interact with your website as this will increase your site’s effectiveness as a lead generation and selling tool.

Winter Productivity

How to increase productivity over the winter months?

Traditionally winter is seen as a quieter time. The beaches run empty and less people frequent their favourite restaurants. Business, in general slows down. This, however, is no reason to be less productive. In fact, make use of this time to ensure your systems are working the way they should in order to optimise your business lead activity.

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Connecting the dots

Creating a strong online presence has become fundamental to any business. This can be as elementary as making use of one social media platform or involve several mediums, such as a website with an e-commerce system, Google AdWords, an extensive social media strategy on multiple platforms and many more. Whether you choose a simplistic or more complicated route, you will need the right skills, systems and experience to achieve the desired results.

As a business owner, you need to focus on building your company. Your time should not be consumed by trying to figure out how to use the web to your advantage. Rather partner with a supplier who will add value to your company. A partner that will connect the dots between your company, its goals, target audience, your products and services and your web presence.

Google Partnership

Are you paying too much for Google AdWords?

Google recently launched a new campaign to get people to join their AdWords marketing channel, which for those of you who don’t know,  is their pay-per-click advertising system.  To run successful AdWords campaigns, Google offers agencies like Azapi the opportunity to certify as Google Partners to help clients optimize their online marketing.
Get more consistent traffic to your website - diversify!

Get more consistent traffic to your website – diversify!

You’ve spent all that time and money developing, what you think is an amazing website, but you’re not number one in Googles’ search results when someone searches for your product.  Here’s what to do…