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We are proud to announce that Azapi is now part of the First Technology Group of companies.

Exciting News for our loyal and valuable customers.

We are proud to announce that Azapi is now part of the First Technology Group of companies. First Technology is a proudly South African Level One BBBEE business with a 35-year history in the ICT Sector. First Technology has a global presence with offices in the UK, US, and several African countries. The partnership with…

Google Core Web Vitals and why speed matters more than ever

Why Google Core Web Vitals Matters? A blog post where we explain the importance of Google Core Web Vitals

Why Google Core Web Vitals Matters? What makes a website great? And what does Google see as a website that is worth recommending in search results? In essence, it boils down to one factor, and that is user experience. As a result, Google is constantly looking to improve its ability to present internet users with…


Make your Mark on the Consumer’s Decision-Making Journey

While the world goes remote during the COVID-19 epidemic, consumers are increasingly spending more time online. This for their need for entertainment, thirst for knowledge, or as we will be focusing on in this blog – to assist them in their decision-making journey to find appropriate products or services. But the internet is a busy…


Why Original Content Makes All The Difference

Through the ages, we have constantly assigned value to certain objects that form part of our daily lives. Just think about how much value we place in commodities like gold, oil and water (especially in a water-scarce region like South Africa). However, more recently other less obvious aspects that play integral roles in our lives…

Saving the day with webmail

Saving the day with webmail

In a “connected world”, being online all the time is our main priority. There is nothing worse than not being able to access your emails. At Azapi we understand the frustration of losing all your emails or just being out of the loop for a few days.

We’ve got your back! - Types of website back-ups and why you need them

We’ve got your back! – Types of website back-ups and why you need them

Why bother with back-ups? Even though having your website hacked might seem like a crazy scene from a sci-fi movie, it is a more common phenomenon than one might think. Earlier this year statistics showed that 4441 sites were hacked in just one month (February) in South Africa. Only the United States and Indonesia had…

https secure

Why running your business from a secure site is important

Google and Mozilla are tightening the reigns on insecure websites. Mozilla recently rolled out Firefox 51 to its mainstream user base which comes with an insecure warning that offers a login over an HTTP connection. Google announced new secure connection regulations that came into play in January and, therefore we moved all our sites from HTTP to HTTPS. We speak to one of our technical team members, Neil Clulow, who was responsible for this project.

Azapi Customer Support

From hosting to management: Why having a trusted internet partner in 2014 is a good idea

Having a website used to be fairly simple. 

If you had hosting, support and backups you had it all. Once you were past the design phase contact with your web company was limited.  As long as your website was up and running any contact with the company responsible for the hosting was limited to paying the monthly debit order and the occasional help desk call log for email support.