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Is Agile Marketing the Way to Go?

Is Agile Marketing the Way to Go?

As marketing budgets shrink and revenue projections are slashed due to the ongoing financial fallout brought on by the Coronavirus epidemic, it has become crucial for businesses of all sizes to adapt to these changing circumstances. One route many companies are taking is the adoption of a more agile marketing approach to current and future…

Know a “Phish” when you see one

Recognise Phishing Emails When You See One

Email communication is an important business tool, and understanding its potential risks and threats will help you secure your business from any danger. One of these threats is called Phishing. This kind of scam lures users into clicking on suspicious links in an email or other means of providing secure data by pretending to be…

Saving the day with webmail

Saving the day with webmail

In a “connected world”, being online all the time is our main priority. There is nothing worse than not being able to access your emails. At Azapi we understand the frustration of losing all your emails or just being out of the loop for a few days.

Azapi holiday checklist

Your holiday checklist

Depending on your type of business, the next few weeks are either a time of winding down, wrapping things up and planning your well-deserved holiday. Or it’s your crazy time, which means more stress, but also more customers and more sales. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Either way, there are things to be done before…

Security Alert


Get peace of mind: Secure your website. Why is website security so important? You might think that your website does not have anything worth being hacked for, but you will be surprised! Website security is a critical component to protect your business and customers. Websites are constantly being scanned by hackers for possible vulnerabilities. If…

Reminders for the holiday

Reminders before you go on Holiday!

The closer the end of the year, the shorter our days seem to become and our to-do lists never-ending. We would like you to go on that well deserved holiday and lap up every ounce of sunlight your body can muster without a worry that something has been left unattended.

A few things we can help you with before you switch off the office lights for a quiet time:

Email protocols

You’ve got mail…and email options

Emails have become an essential part of our everyday communication. Did you know that 269 billion emails are sent daily? That is more than 3.1 million emails per second with the average person receiving about 120 per day.

Staggering? Yes indeed.
Choosing the right email protocol for your needs, will make your daily life much easier and help you to manage that inbox. 

So which email is right for you?

Email spoofing

Beware of spoofing

Beware of emails imitating to be someone else, as this could cost you dearly. This time of the year we often see an increase in email fraud. Please be vigilant and put the necessary measures in place.

New systems to benefit our clients

Soon to arrive: New systems and benefits for Azapi clients

Our company goal for 2016 is “Automation and sustainability”. We started at the end of last year and worked feverishly towards our goal. The 1st of August 2016 has been set as D-day when we aim to roll the system out to our entire client base.

Auto Responder

Are you ready to go on holiday?

Summer holidays are upon us and we would like you to be prepared before you go on your well-deserved break. A few things you need to keep in mind this side of the year.

Don’t keep your customers in the dark. Set-up a vacation email message to let them know you will not be able to attend to their request immediately. Inform them of when you will be available again and what they should do in case of an emergency. If you need help with setting this up please let us know in advance. The message can be set-up to activate on a specific date.

What’s included in our Full Monthly Support Package?

What’s included in our Full Monthly Support Package?

We include 1 hour of website support. This can be used to make small quick updates to your website and can include content and image changes. Keeping your website content fresh and updated will keep Google and your clients coming back for more! If you need more support, no problem, please ask, we can provide an estimate or our standard hourly rate will apply.

Making sure you get all your business emails

Making sure you get all your business emails

Email is still one of the most widely used methods for communicating, but on numerous occasions we’ve had clients that are struggling with mail related issues.  Emails not dealt with lead to unhappy customers, so how do you make sure you effectively deal with email?