5 Google Ads Channels to Market your Business Effectively


One of the most frequent questions on the internet is, “How do I get my website to show at the top of Google’s search results?”

Two words: Google Ads

Although a simple answer at first, understanding and utilising this platform will put your business in a great position to get more traffic to your website, increased sales and maximise your marketing efforts.

Advertising on Google works on a concept called Pay-per-Click (PPC). This means that you’ll only pay for every click that lands on your website. This is not the only piece of good news. You are able to improve your marketing efforts by targeting a specific segment of your target audience, understanding the kind of search terms that would be most profitable and even the devices used when searching.

Remarketing is a hot topic in the online marketing conversation. Google Ads gives you the opportunity to market your business to people who previously interacted with your website or app. Herewith you can place your ads in front of users who are most likely to take action on your ad or website. You can use this tactic to drive sales, prompt more registrations or for brand awareness.


Consider the following benefits:

  • Advertise at the right time and place – You can show your ad to users after the initial interaction with your brand or when they are searching elsewhere for the same product or service.
  • Focused advertising – Create a remarketing list in order to target users with specific attributes. For example, you may want to advertise specific products to users who have visited your store but not made a purchase.
  • Large-scale reach – Target users on different devices as they browse over 2 million websites across the world wide web.  

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s have a deeper look at the Google Ads offering.

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search ad 1

Google Search Ads

With millions of searches happening on Google every single day, placing your ad at the top of a search result page is where you want to be. Ad campaigns can be set up to show your ad according to relevant criteria, such as keywords, location and device.

Google Ads uses PPC marketing, meaning that you only pay every time someone clicks on your ad. This method is one of the most popular ways of advertising your business online.






display ad

Google Display Ads

How about reaching your target audience even when they’re not searching for you? This is where Google’s Display Ads are a great addition to your arsenal.  Display Ads can be shown to a large audience based on interest, topic or even demographic, allowing your business maximum exposure on some of the following channels:

  • Thousands of Google partner sites (e.g News 24, Gumtree etc)
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Gmail (including the Gmail App)

Your ad will be shown to people who fit a particular audience or profile of user you want to reach. Utilising this channel’s broad reach is a great way to promote your brand and create awareness of your product or service.


Google Shopping Ads

Online shopping, also e-commerce, is a fast-growing part of the internet and offers ample opportunity for growing your business. Showing relevant products with an image, cost and where to buy as a search result increases your chance of potentially converting a user to a new client.

Imagine someone searches for a specific product, such as “laptops” or “running shoes”. A Google shopping ad will show relevant results to a specific search, giving the user the option of visiting that store directly. One can utilise this channel to promote your store, increase traffic to your site and find better leads.

shopping ad 2

video ad


Google Video Ads

One thing we do know about internet users is that they love watching videos. Google Video Ads gives you the opportunity to engage customers in different ways on YouTube and other partner sites.

As the owner of such an ad, you will only pay once your target audience shows interest in your video and interacts with said media. Taking into consideration the rising volume of video consumption, your brand is sure to experience an increase in exposure and awareness.

Taking advantage of Google Ads means you can place your business in front of your target audience on a daily basis.



Google Apps Ad.1

Google Apps Ads

These days it feels like you get an app for everything, from the latest news to keeping track of your favourite sports team. With Google Ads App Campaigns, you can promote your iOS or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more. Google Ads is a great way of reaching your target audience.  
  • Set your goals as you aim to increase app downloads or encourage users to take in-app actions, like ordering a product or doing an upgrade.
  • Decide on a budget by considering the nature of your ad and the desired results.
  • Customise your ads by adding images or a video that complements your app.

Advertising your App with Google Ads means you’ll only pay for each install and be able to set your desired result. You’ve put in the hard work, now its time to enjoy the good results.  



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