Google Core Web Vitals and why speed matters more than ever

Google Core Web Vitals and why speed matters more than ever

What makes a website great? And what does Google see as a website that is worth recommending in search results? In essence, it boils down to one factor, and that is user experience. As a result, Google is constantly looking to improve its ability to present internet users with the most useful websites during a…

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Digital Marketing – Explained

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Let’s start with the basics… What is digital marketing? Put simply it’s any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices. Sounds easy enough right? But there’s a whole lot more involved than that. A recent survey found that people are spending upwards of 10 hours a day on electronic devices… that’s 70…

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Winning Connections: Linking Your WooCommerce Store with Facebook Shops

Benefits for connecting your WooCommerce store directly to Facebook Shops

According to, in 2020, more than 3.8 billion people across the world are using social media, that’s almost more than half of the world’s population. But what are all these people doing online? In most instances, people are making their way online to consume content (videos, articles, etc.), to connect with friends and of…

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How to Optimise your Customer’s Online Journey

Mobile Friendly vs not mobile Friendly

It is basic knowledge that customers are now in the power seat when it comes to choosing their preferred products or service providers. This is mainly due to the increasing number of options available to them on a daily basis. To stand out from competitors, businesses need to ensure the customer journey they provide is…

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Facebook Ads or Google Ads: One or the Other?

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

A renewed focus has been placed on how to maximise the impact of online marketing campaigns. This has led to different businesses asking the same question, “Should I focus my spending on Facebook Ads or Google Ads to increase business performance?”. Fact is, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads dominate online advertising. Both deliver measurable…

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A New Way of Business Post-COVID-19

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As populations around the world respond to the concerns raised by the coronavirus pandemic. We know that with these uncertain times comes a unique set of challenges both for businesses and the customers on whom they depend. Now more than ever, it is up to companies to innovate. And come forward with new methods to…

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Resourcefulness While Working Remote


On 27 March 2020 South Africans entered the unknown prospect of a nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19. More than 3 weeks later its effect on the daily lives of ordinary citizens and businesses has become apparent. We here at Azapi have had to implement drastic measures and innovate wherever possible. Luckily we found there are…

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Make your Mark on the Consumer’s Decision-Making Journey


While the world goes remote during the COVID-19 epidemic, consumers are increasingly spending more time online. This for their need for entertainment, thirst for knowledge, or as we will be focusing on in this blog – to assist them in their decision-making journey to find appropriate products or services. But the internet is a busy…

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Does a Care Plan for WordPress Make Business Sense?

WordPress Careplans

You’ve created a WordPress site for your business but does paying for a care plan make business sense? Unless you have spare time on your hands to ensure the backups and updates are correctly done, the plugins are working, your data is safe and your website is functioning at all times  – the short answer…

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Why Original Content Makes All The Difference

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Through the ages, we have constantly assigned value to certain objects that form part of our daily lives. Just think about how much value we place in commodities like gold, oil and water (especially in a water-scarce region like South Africa). However, more recently other less obvious aspects that play integral roles in our lives…

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