Connecting the dots


Creating a strong online presence has become crucial to any business. This can be as simple as making use of one social media platform or involve several mediums. This includes a website with an e-commerce system, Google AdWords, a great social media strategy on many platforms and many more. Whether you choose a simple or more difficult route. You will need the right skills, systems and experience to achieve the desired results.

As a business owner, you need to focus on building your company. Your time should not be consumed by trying to figure out how to use the web to your advantage. Rather partner with a supplier who will add value to your company. A partner that will connect the dots between your company, its goals, target audience, your products and services and your web presence.

Monday, 27 April honours the birth of Samuel Morse (1791), the Charlestown born painter and inventor of the Morse Code. During a trip requested to paint a portrait of the Marquis de Lafayette. Morse received a letter by horse messenger noting his wife’s recuperation. The next day he received a letter detailing his wife’s sudden death. Morse immediately left for home, but his wife was already buried on his return. This triggered his search for a means of faster long-distance communication.

Morse Code, based on dots and dashes, revolutionised the way we convey messages. Used extensively by the military, up to today, and previously even journalist to transmit articles long before the day of email. Don’t get all confused and flustered trying to make sense of the dits and dahs of the web – we will save you the heartache. Drop us a line for help with your online presence.

The Azapi offering:

Online strategy:

We analyse your business and according to your goals and target audience draft an online communications strategy. We will also implement and monitor these for you. The strategy will include market research, a content strategy, social media strategies and online advertising.

Web design:

Great web design and content, the use of video, photographs and innovative applications, will improve your customers’ experience with your brand. We design websites, build around a website architecture that optimizes usability.

Web development:

The websites we develop are communication tools and we give you the tools to be in control of your own website with our content management system. Our sites are custom developed to your specific and unique needs, this includes the ability to add e-commerce functionality to your site and responsive development for mobiles and tablets.

Online Marketing:

We offer measurable results through online marketing channels fitting to your business. Such as Google AdWords and advertising on social media. Clients receive a detailed monthly report which allows you to analyse the results and plan ahead.


We make sure the correct systems are in place so that you don’t have to worry about the technicalities. We make sure all websites are SEO optimised, provide corporate email solutions, cloud-based web hosting and regular back-ups. Security is a high priority and we adhere to very specific protocols to keep information and data save. Information collection from forms on your website, statistics and other data are kept secure. Our services also include domain management.