Are you paying too much for Google AdWords?


Google recently launched a new campaign to get people to join their AdWords marketing channel. For those of you who don’t know is their pay-per-click advertising system.  To run successful AdWords campaigns, Google offers agencies like Azapi the opportunity to certify as Google Partners. This enables us to help clients optimize their online marketing.

Optimized campaigns not only save you money but in general provide a better experience to customers using Google.  Google puts a big focus on “relevancy”. As they want to display the most relevant service or product ads to clients.

Azapi helps clients over a wide range of industries, to set up and manage their Google AdWords campaigns.

Here’s a client story:

One of our long-term clients recently started using Google AdWords and at first, was managing it themselves. Azapi took over and within a month saw a noticeable improvement in leads and click-through rate.

Conversion tracking

Initially, the client set-up their campaigns on both the display and search networks with no conversion tracking. This meant the campaign was not optimized for the right audience. They could not track how many conversions generated directly from their Google AdWords.

The first thing Azapi did was to re-set-up the campaigns and conversion tracking so that we could move towards a better understanding of their ROI (Return On Investment). The second thing we did was to optimize the campaigns for their particular industry and use all the correct settings to target the correct audience, locations and all other features Google AdWords has to offer.  As the display network was consuming most of their ad budget and not adding value, we re-allocate the budget to the search network, which had a better track record in terms of conversions.

The outcome was a 193% increase in clicks on their ads and a huge response in new leads.

Monitoring and optimizing major areas of campaign operation, allowed us to easily control the budgets allocated to those various areas. For business owners, it’s a time-consuming exercise to find and fix these problems as they are not Google AdWords experts.

Azapi is a Google Certified Partner and can provide these services to a variety of clients over a wide range of industries. We will regularly adjust your website and AdWords campaign to keep on maximizing the amount of value you get.

Call us at 087 8200 780 if you’d like us to review your current AdWords campaign.