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Why Investing In Exceptional UX Is Worth It

“You have to start with the customer experience and work your way back to technology.” – Steve Jobs This is the essence of a user-centred approach and our growing obsession with User Experience in the digital world. Brands are focussing more and more on “usability”, UI design and other UX buzz words that are floating…

Brand strategy

Brand Strategy – The Cornerstone of Long Term Success

Building a unique and exceptional brand for your business takes time and planning. However, a thriving brand strategy becomes the perfect complement to your business strategy – positioning your company for success. So what does an effective brand strategy look like and why does it matter? What is Brand Strategy?   Your brand includes many…

8 Ways To Boost Your Company’s Content Marketing

8 Ways To Boost Your Company’s Content Marketing

Some businesses are great at publishing this on their website. Others use it to showcase their best products. And a few build their entire brand this way. Can you guess what it is? Great Content. Anyone who has been on the internet knows that engaging content will keep your visitor interested and could even turn…

Azapi Digital Partner Google My Business

Google My Business

A free and easy tool to market your company. Google has replaced the yellow pages as the place people go to look for a business, product or service. For companies that would like to be “found” by potential customers, they will need to feature prominently on Google searches. What is Google My Business?  Google My…

Why Landing Pages Work to Increase Sales & Signups

Why Landing Pages Work to Increase Sales & Signups

Imagine clicking on an enticing advert for a special deal to a wonderful island holiday destination only to arrive at a home page which describes some irrelevant company history. After scrolling up and down you recognise you need to search through the whole website to find that specific special you’re wanting to take. You would…

Enhancing your website with video

Enhancing your website with video

Video has become one of the most effective marketing tools. Viewers are consuming video content more than ever before and this trend is only growing. With falling data costs, not only desktop/laptop viewers but also mobile users are consuming videos at an explosive rate. Some studies suggest that by next year (2019) 80% of content…

Azapi Grow your business online

How to grow your business online.

Strategies for Growing Your Business Online!   Let’s make your business a BIG business! ? Every business wants to dive into Online Marketing – Here are a few tips on how to kick-start your Online Marketing. Build your website Let’s face it – by now it’s clear that if you don’t have a website, you’re…

Digital Marketing trends for 2018

Digital Marketing trends for 2018

Digital Marketing Trends you need to embrace for 2018 The future of digital marketing is approaching at a very fast speed. It is not an option to rely on what worked in the past– you need to engage with future digital marketing trends. Did you know that there are 2.07 billion active Facebook users? We…

Azapi Online Marketing Agency now also offers WordPress website development, hosting and managed maintenance to all our clients.

Moving your website design into a new era!

The last few years have seen major changes in Website Design. Azapi Online Marketing Agency decided to expand our offering with a widely used system to be able to provide a complete service to our customers. Azapi Online Marketing Agency now also offers WordPress website development, hosting and managed maintenance to all our clients. What…

Azapi Web Design

Is Your Website Working for You?

These days everyone is talking about online. The acceleration of the world wide web has changed the way we do business. Your company’s website can be the difference between good and great. Out of all the available channels, a dynamic and up-to-date website is still the most effective method of promoting one’s business online. 


2017 – Azapi on its way to Simplify and Grow

Over the last few years new trends in the online marketing sphere kicked into high gear, and the needs of you, our customer changed. We have the privilege to work in an industry that constantly changes and this requires us to adapt our business strategy.

Last year saw the introduction of new automated systems at Azapi, this was the first step in taking the company forward into a new era of online marketing. These systems help unload our time so that we can focus on that which is most important: our client’s requirements. We’ve already seen some very positive results.

Read more on the road forward for Azapi.

Is your website accessible to users on their mobile devices?

Google takes mobile search a step further

The second wave of Google’s Mobilegeddon is upon us after it’s launch in April of last year. What does this mean for your business and how can you use these changes  to your advantage?

The move from desktop to mobile continues and cannot be ignored by any business owner or marketer.  Last year Google announced that preference will be given to sites that have adapted their design to be mobile friendly. These sites would in future rank higher in a Google search than those that do not comply. Mobile friendly sites are also indicated on the SERP (search engine result page) offering mobile users the opportunity to choose a site relevant to their current usage method.