Search Engine Optimisation

Having a website is a good idea, being found by your ideal customer, even better. The world wide web is driven by online searches and having a dedicated digital partner means your business can benefit from having an SEO friendly website and strategy.

What is SEO?

Understanding SEO
(Search Engine Optimisation)

There are millions of website searches that happen everyday. Having a search engine optimised website means that users can find your business online through a simple search. Our team will ensure that your website and content follow the guidelines set by Google, Bing and other search engines.

User experience is the name of the game. Search engines give preference to sources that are seen to be trustworthy and provide relevant information. By this time, everyone knows that there are certain algorithms that dictate how search results are shown. At Azapi, we make it our mission to use what we know about these algorithms to feature your site as prominently as possible on Search Engine Results Pages.

Here’s a quick SEO test:

  • Is your content fresh and relevant to your keywords? 
  • Do you have the correct HTML headings on your site? 
  • Have you submitted a sitemap to Google?




Quality traffic

Customer centric communication will place you a step above the rest. SEO ensures you drive targeted traffic to your doorstep. 


Reach a wider audience

Search engine optimisation is an excellent way of generating “top of the funnel” traffic and attracting the right people to your site.


Relevant searches

Improve your website with structured content to make it easier for users to navigate and search engines to index your site.


Good exposure

As a business owner, you want the best exposure for your business. Quality content and outreach are the cornerstones of good SEO.


Good content sells

People love to consume and share useful content. Remember to regularly create content, plan your keywords strategically and let SEO do the talking. 

SEO Analysis for your website

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How to improve your site

Test your site with an SEO audit

The best way to determine your site’s SEO health is to do an audit. This process will give you an insight into your website’s performance, the validity of pages and an understanding of traffic to your site. This kind of audit might consist of a technical analysis, review of various website pages as well as a competitive analysis and keyword research. Azapi’s SEO and content team will help you develop your website into a mean marketing machine.

Staying on Top

SEO management to perfection

It is one thing to get to the top and another to stay there. A careful process of SEO management will go a long way to ensure that your website maintains a good ranking on search engines. To be successful in this department, consider the following points: 

  • Quantify demand for content 
  • Evaluate competitor landscape 
  • Content optimisation 
  • Measure success 

SEO is an integral part of building your online presence. At Azapi, we understand the importance of employing a strategic approach to building your brand online using Google Search.

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Understanding keywords

Using the right words

Understanding keywords helps us to get our head around how users search for topics on the internet. Monitoring the use of certain words is an essential metric for the success of your brand online. 

Keyword monitoring indicates how well a website or landing page ranks in relation to specific keywords. To strategise for SEO, take into consideration the kind of keywords entered in search engines and create relevant content for your site.

We are proud to announce that Azapi is now part of the First Technology Group of companies.

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organic rankings