Curious about user behaviour on your website?


Your site should not merely be an online brochure – it should be an opportunity to understand your clientbase better. One of these measures will be to know how your clients interact with your website as this will increase your site’s effectiveness as a lead generation and selling tool. A very helpful tag monitor can be setup on your site to help you get better insight into how users move and click through your site.

This functionality can be build into a page with the Google Tag Manager API, which allows one to define the monitoring of specific goals. Some of the major benefits of this tool is the ease of use and that the results are pulled into Google Analytics – and results are available in real-time.

Thanks to the success of social media the way we communicate has changed. This also spilled over to websites, where the focus is now on conversation and interacting with your audience. The popular single one page website design, or scrolling site, also continues to gain traction. These sites have a story-like way of viewing content from top to bottom and could have several call to actions in different areas of the site. The ability to track the user is important to popular landing pages, as well as pages used for marketing purposes, especially if a significant marketing budget is behind them.

By knowing with which bits of content our users interact with, or responds to, we can tweak our marketing campaigns with the goal of improving the ROI. This tool is therefore very helpful in determining the success of campaigns and making adjustments if necessary in order to get the best benefit from your efforts.