How to increase productivity over the winter months?


Traditionally winter is seen as a quieter time. The beaches run empty and less people frequent their favourite restaurants. Business, in general slows down. This, however, is no reason to be less productive. In fact, make use of this time to ensure your systems are working the way they should in order to optimise your business lead activity.

Check online forms

Make sure your online forms and the system around this is working.

  • Make sure the person receiving the enquiry is still the relevant person.
  • Is the email address correct? Make sure the relevant person receives the email and that the email address is listed correctly in the system.
  • Check your spam folder for missed enquiries.
  • Test the system: The time taken to respond to enquiries has a dramatic effect on the amount of successful conversions. The way the enquiry is treated reflects your company’s attitude and professionalism. Have a look at the following:
    • A timeous response increases the sales conversion. Clients on our full monthly package can use the Azapi CMS system to see how many enquiries were received from the website, what the enquiry was, when the enquiry was received and how long it took until somebody opened the enquiry. You will also be able to see which pages of your website the user visited prior to making an enquiry.
    • The client should be addressed in a proper and courteous manner.
    • Use professional language and tone of voice.
    • The response should have no grammar and spelling mistakes.
    • The respondent’s email needs to provide clear and correct contact details in the signature.
    • Was the inquiry solved? Did you create a satisfied returning customer?

Go through your website

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. True, but photographs, design and text can become outdated and your website could easily become irrelevant. Review your text and ensure all information, including contact information and addresses, still applies. One of the quickest and easiest ways to give your site a facelift is to update the photographs.

Make sure all your products and services are listed and where necessary described correctly. Do you have testimonials on your site? Review these and update if you feel the time has come for new material.

Is your site mobile?

More and more users are using their cell phones and tablets to search for information. Google recently started to give preference to responsive sites when listing their search results on a mobile device. If more than 10% of your website visitors use a mobile device you should consider updating to a responsive site. Read our article on responsive sites.

Your online presence

Review your AdWords and make sure they are still in line with the company’s offering. If you want to increase your Google search ranking, this will be a sure way to reach that goal. Give as a call to help you with your Google AdWords. If you want us to help you with this and review your site and online presence, feel free to contact us.


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