Don’t lay idle this winter – a few website checks to increase traffic and conversions


If you are feeling the winter slump and business seems slow, make use of the opportunity to go through your website and see where you can optimise.

Here are a few pointers to consider that can make a big difference.

Are your online forms performing?

Do not neglect your contact page and online forms. These present potential revenue for your company and should be treated with the necessary respect.  A few things to look out for:

  • Make sure your contact number, address and contact people on your Contact Us page are correct and up to date.
  • Pretend you are a customer and complete the online form. Keep the following in mind:
    • Are the fields that need to be completed still relevant?
    • Is the confirmation email up to date?
    • Is the person receiving the online enquiries still the correct person to handle these?

    • How long did it take until you received a response on your enquiry?

Can your clients find you?

Can your clients find you online, whenever they want to and wherever they are? The internet is available 24/7 and your site should be to. You can increase your organic ranking success on the search engine results page (SERP) by amongst others having updated content on your website. You can also make use of AdWords, a Google pay-per-click advertising method which is highly targeted and measurable.

Responsive design, which allows your site to be viewed and used on different screen sizes, has become a non-negotiable. The increase in mobile usage has convinced many designers and developers that design for mobile should happen before desktop design. Google is also continuing their practice of giving mobile sites preference in search results when doing a search from a mobile device.

Are you receiving the clicks?

Do you have call-to-actions in place on your website? Websites need to be more than an online brochure, it should also create an opportunity to interact with your target market. Your call-to-actions need to be clear and specific. Don’t let the user think, tell them what to do.

Amazon’s $300 million button

Amazon changed the wording on their call-to-action button from “Register” to “Continue” – this small change to their online purchasing process increased their sales by an extra $300 million! Potential customers felt they no longer had to go through a laborious registration process to make a seemingly simple online purchase. Customers increased by 45%! Nothing in the process changed, only the wording on their call-to-action button.

Keep your call-to-action buttons simple and clear. Use simple, straightforward language and design your buttons to stand out from the rest of you website. If you do not have call-to-action buttons in place, seriously consider these.

Who said winter is boring? Talk to us to help you with these updates, your online presence and to increase traffic to your website. Contact us today for assistance.

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