Digital Marketing trends for 2018


Digital Marketing Trends you need to embrace for 2018

The future of digital marketing is approaching at a very fast speed. It is not an option to rely on what worked in the past– you need to engage with future digital marketing trends.

Did you know that there are 2.07 billion active Facebook users? We can’t ignore the fact that we look at our phones several times a day, whether to check-in on social media, watch a video or connect via WhatsApp.

We also cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing and social trends that are changing the way in which we consume content.

From moving to visual, mastering micro-moments and analysing the authentic data, we will go through all the best strategies to convert customers, get connections and engagement.

Take a look at the following Digital Marketing trends for 2018

1. Embrace video: Visualisation is More Important Than Ever

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Visualisation is more important than ever. It is not only the high-quality videos that speak volumes to an audience. The trick to successful video advertising is to keep it short and interesting.

Gone are the days where brands release 3-minute videos of their services or products. If you use visualisation correctly it can be a powerful form of content and it can make a contribution to your SEO strategy. With a video, people tend to accept and attach on a much deeper level, as a result, your audience is tempted to engage in terms of likes, comments, sharing, etc.

2. Highlight the micro-moments

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What are Micro-moments? Moments where audiences pick up their phones to answer an email or to check their online notifications. These are the moments where audiences have an opportunity to learn. Or enquire about a product or service within the shortest period possible.

To use these micro-moments, marketers need to pay attention to their target audience and understand their activities. It’s all about finding out what it is exactly what your audience wants and trying to deliver it in the space of a few seconds.   

As per Think with Google, micro-moments are highly critical and evaluative touchpoints where customers expect brands to cater to their needs with reliable information, regardless of the time and location.

According to Google Think, there are four micro-moments that must be considered when designing meaningful marketing experiences:

  • “I-want-to-know” moments: Today, individuals have access to the entire history of information at their fingertips.
  • “I-want-to-go” moments: Consumers now use their mobile devices to find places to shop and eat.
  • “I-want-to-do” moments: Consumers actively seek new ideas for what to do, and how to do it.
  • “I-want-to-buy” moments: Finally, the point of purchase!  This is where the importance of usability, being able to find a product and ease of purchase plays a big role. To enable consumers to make a quick decision and proceed with the purchase.

3. Use AR to your benefit

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What is Augmented reality (AR)? Augmented reality is a technology that works on computer vision-based recognition algorithms to augment sound, video, graphics and other sensor-based inputs on real-world objects using the camera of your device.

More and more brands are using it to offer their audiences a more unique and emotional user experience.

How AR is changing the way we do business:

  • Remote Collaboration: Augmented reality can completely change the way geographically dispersed employees connect.
  • Training and education: Training employees with AR technology creates an immersive, interactive experience across multiple senses, which is far more effective than a typical lecture or simply reading instructions.
  • Repairs: Augmented reality also promises improved knowledge in the realm of repairs, where even inexperienced people can fix complex machines. By demonstrating each component and precisely what needs to be done to access and then repair it

4. Personalised – understand your audience

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While personalised content has previously been in the limelight. 2018 Highlights the significant role of personalised content in successful marketing strategies.

The ultimate trick to successful digital marketing is to properly understand your audience.

How to find your perfect audience: 

  • Identify your target audience
  • Survey your customers
  • Determine your audience size
  • Find and connect with them
  • Find them in Facebook groups
  • Tailor Content for your target audience
  • Create a well-balanced content plan

Spend the necessary time researching and studying your target audience’s social and digital habits. When you have a good understanding of what they want, the chances of success are much higher.