Why Landing Pages Work to Increase Sales & Signups


Imagine clicking on an enticing advert for a special deal to a wonderful island holiday destination only to arrive at a home page which describes some irrelevant company history. After scrolling up and down you recognise you need to search through the whole website to find that specific special you’re wanting to take. You would probably assume it’s an error or gives up before you get to said enticing holiday deal.

Marketing fail. The problem? The advertising campaign did not use an effective landing page…

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What are landing pages and why do we need them?

A landing page is basically just the page someone “lands on” when an advert or email directs them to take a specific action.

This could be:

  • buying a product or service,
  • making an appointment,
  • subscribing to a newsletter,
  • taking a survey or
  • registering for an event.

Simply using the company’s homepage is often not as effective as the potential customer will be confused by all the other info.

Successful landing pages have only one call-to-action link with no distractions or unnecessary information and most importantly they deliver whatever promise was made by the advertising source.


How to use landing pages to support your business goals

Landing page use has become a foundational component of online marketing and can help a business achieve its goals.

Whether you aim to reach a new market or promote a new product or service, you can design your landing pages to cater to the most receptive audience. Also, your goals can be very specific and each marketing campaign could focus on a different one effectively.

It’s a good idea to use landing pages that are attention-grabbing and create an attractive first impression for new website visitors, which will enhance your company’s credibility.Azapi03 09

Here are just a few examples of ways in which to use them:

  • invite people to your events
  • to allow people to subscribe to your email newsletter
  • promote your new product launch
  • offer users a voucher
  • to promote and offer a download of an eBook
  • allow people to book a special deal
  • to sell a specific product or service



Landing pages integrate with your marketing campaign and lead generation

Landing pages can be a huge asset when it comes to lead generation. After clicking on an advertisement or other online marketing source, visitors will arrive at your landing page, which exists separately from your website and is usually created for just a single marketing campaign. Landing pages can serve the dual purpose of getting the potential customer excited about what your company has to offer and generating leads.

Generally, there are two types of landing pages:Untitled 2

  • Lead generation landing pages, which capture a user’s contact information in exchange for something valuable. Such as a free eBook download, a free trial of your service or a webinar. The idea is to offer something useful to the potential customer. So that they will be happy to fill in their contact details.


  • Click-through landing pages attract the visitor to a specific product or service. And provide them with enough information so that they will make a purchase directly.


If you would like to find out more about landing pages and how to implement them in your online marketing strategy contact us for assistance.