Google My Business


A free and easy tool to market your company.

Google has solidly replaced the yellow pages and most other directories as the first place people go to look for a business, product or service they need in their area. So logically the need to feature prominently on Google searches is a no-brainer for any company that would like to be “found” by potential customers.

What is Google My Business?

What you may not be aware of is that Google My Business (GMB) is actually a free and easy-to-use tool for companies and organizations which provides many advantages for business owners. Business can use it to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps, by editing their business information on an ongoing basis and helping customers to find them.

Benefits of listing your business on Google My Business:

  • Be featured in local searches – According to Google a third of searches are done to find something locally, for example “Websites Cape Town” or “Sushi Bellville”. Being listed on Google My Business will ensure that your business shows up (also on Google Maps) especially for people searching in your immediate area – i.e. your ideal potential customers.

  • Make it easy for people to find your location – Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of listing your business on Google My Business is that you will make it much easier for customers to find your establishment. When someone searches a specific service or product, Google displays 3 results from companies who use paid advertising (which is another service we can assist you with), but directly underneath those is usually a map showing the most relevant closest local results of companies. It’s easy for a customer to simply click on the pin of your company and even get directions directly from Google Maps.

  • Reach a targeted audience, with or without paid advertising – Listing your business on Google My Business ensures that your business will be seen mainly by people who are actively searching for this type of product or service, meaning people who are more likely to become your clients. Even if you do not use the option of paid promotions, your company will already be much more easily found “organically” in searches. Using an additional advertising budget will only enhance your visibility and increase your audience of potential clients.

  • Promote interactivity – Once your business is on Google My Business you can post images and updates on your profile and customers or people who’ve been to your establishment can also share their photos. You can even chat to customers while they are viewing your listing and reply to them if they have questions.

  • Create a visually pleasing, good first impression – Your Google My Business profile might be the first place people see something about your business, possibly even before they are directed to your website from there. This is why having a detailed company profile here with many attractive photos and reviews by satisfied customers also creates a positive impression right from the start.

  • Encourage customer actions by sharing helpful information – Many potential customers might need to know certain vital info such as your opening times and can have access to this information easily by looking for your company on Google. Add videos, add your menu if you are a restaurant, etc.

  • Discover how people find your business. Google My Business automatically tracks traffic statistics such as views clicks and followers. This in turn helps you to understand what excites potential clients, what approach is working or importantly not working. Having insight into potential clients’ behaviour can help you plan your sales strategy, how you approach potential clients and how to achieve set goals.

How do I use Google My Business together with my Azapi website?

If you would like to use this very useful tool contact us to set-it up for you or sign up for Google My Business directly. We can set-up and verify your business location, manage your profile and create a detailed company listing, including your opening times, website link, photos, etc.

If you’d like to post regular updates we can assist with this, as part of a social media plan. Google My Business will also regularly send you reports of how your listing is performing with valuable insights.


Please contact us to find out more.