Moving your website design into a new era!


The last few years have seen major changes in Website Design. Azapi Online Marketing Agency decided to expand our offering with a widely used system to be able to provide a complete service to our customers. Azapi Online Marketing Agency now also offers WordPress website development, hosting and managed maintenance to all our clients.

What is WordPress?

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WordPress is a Content Management System which allows you to manage your content in a structured online environment. All your documents, images, videos and other forms of content is stored in an organised manner from where you can easily add, retrieve, edit, delete and publish content from.

Benefits of WordPress – Why choose WordPress

  • Simplicity:

    • Easy and quick to get a website up and running.
    • Your website could be available within days after a design has been confirmed and content made available.
  • Flexibility:

    • WordPress allows for expansion, from a simple one-page website to more complicated e-commerce options,
    • Whether you need a portal or a blog page, you are covered.
  • Themes:

    • You can choose a theme that you like and suits your needs –  having the design sorted shortens the development time dramatically.
    • The platform also allows for switching between themes
  • User Management:

    • You can get access to the content management system.
    • Different levels of access allow for increased security: administrators manage the site, editors work with the content, authors and contributors write the content, and subscribers have a profile that they can manage.
    • Hereby you can have a role allocated to your contributors, while others can simply be part of your community.
  • Publishing Tools:

    • Managing content is easy.
    • Draft your content, schedule publications and review revisions.
    • Content can be public or private.
    • The easy WYSIWYG editor window makes it a breeze to create posts and pages.
  • Media Management:

    • Easily upload images and media (e.g. video and sound clips) to the media library with the drag-and-drop feature.
    • You can add alt text, captions and titles and then add images or galleries to your content.
  • Full Standard Compliance:

    • The code generated fully complies with the standards as set by the W3C.
    • Your website will work and look good in today’s browsers, but also in future versions.
  • Plugins:

    • Thousands of plugins allow for limitless expansion. If you can dream it, the possibility of reality is there.
    • Include forms or discussions, galleries, social media and newsletter integration, security, SEO, the list is endless.
  • Social media integration

    • Much easier with WordPress both for social sharing and social follow options.
    • Building your client base with social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.
  • Newsletter integration:

    • Easy sign-up and opt-in management for new subscribers that integrates with the mass mailer software and updates information in real-time.
  • Search Engine Optimisation:

    • SEO has become a buzzword in many circles. It is, however, an important part of your website development and needs attention in order to give the desired results and improved organic ranking in search engines.
    • WordPress code is consistent and without excessive HTML which Google finds very inviting for indexing. The correct setup combined with additional SEO plugins allow for every page or post to be customised and optimised for higher search rankings.
  • E-Commerce:

    • Plugins allow for your site to be developed e-commerce-ready.
    • You can have an online shop and manage the product content from the CMS to make sure new products, changes,  information, etc. are always up to date.
  • Mobile ready:

    • Websites need to be mobile friendly – this is no longer negotiable.
    • Google changed their policies and no longer show search results from non-mobile friendly sites to a user on a mobile device. Not being mobile friendly, is a sure way to lose business.
  • Improved Security:

    • During development, we go through a security process to increase the security of each website. Part of this is installing a security plugin. We have a standard option which is included and a premium option which includes additional features. Contact us if you are interested in the premium option.

What Azapi offer for you…

  1. Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting.
  2. Azapi Online Marketing Agency offers basic WordPress Content Management training to our clients, which will teach you how to update content and images, add pages and posts.
  3. After training, you will be comfortable to manage your website content without any hassle.

 Let us know if you are interested and we will arrange for your session.


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