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10 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020 To Help You Stay On Track

The ability to adapt to the constantly changing world of digital marketing is essential. Not every craze will stick, and some marketing trends will reap greater rewards than others. But keeping abreast of these developments allows your business to fine-tune its marketing strategy. What might have worked brilliantly a few years ago, may not get…

Is your business ready for the festive season?

Is Your Business Ready For The Festive Season?

The holiday season is approaching fast! This can be a golden opportunity to make extra sales and promote your business. Clients are happy to invest in year-end and Christmas functions, gifts and entertainment and looking for unique specials and deals. For most of us, though, quite a few things still need to happen before we…

Know a “Phish” when you see one

Know a “Phish” when you see one

Email communication is an important business tool and understanding its potential risks and threats will help you secure your business from any danger. One of these threats is called Phishing. This kind of scam lures users into clicking on suspicious links in an email or other means of providing secure data, by pretending to be…

Azapi Care Plans/Wordpress Upgrades

WordPress Care Plans with Upgrades

At Azapi we take great pride in keeping your website in mint condition. Our WordPress Care Plans make provision for core WordPress upgrades, plugin upgrades, database optimisation performance checks. WordPress 5.0 In December 2018 WordPress released one of their biggest updates yet and as a precaution we held back on implementing these changes on our…

Core Website Upgrades

Core Website Upgrades

WordPress is set to release version 5.0 at the end of November, which is to be one of the biggest WordPress updates in recent years. Since all of our clients’ websites are using WordPress, we would like to inform you about how this will impact your website and the process Azapi will follow. The good news…

WordPress Care Plans for your peace of mind

WordPress Care Plans for your peace of mind

A little care can go a long way to avoid potential problems… This is true for pools, lawns and yes, also websites. Not maintaining the website of your business is a more important issue. There are simple ways to avoid a broken website, which allow you to focus on running your business worry-free.   So…



Get peace of mind: Secure your website. Why is website security so important? You might think that your website does not have anything worth being hacked for, but you will be surprised! Website security is a critical component to protect your business and customers. Websites are constantly being scanned by hackers for possible vulnerabilities. If…

Reminders for the holiday

Reminders before you go on Holiday!

The closer the end of the year, the shorter our days seem to become and our to-do lists never-ending. We would like you to go on that well deserved holiday and lap up every ounce of sunlight your body can muster without a worry that something has been left unattended.

A few things we can help you with before you switch off the office lights for a quiet time:

Email protocols

You’ve got mail…and email options

Emails have become an essential part of our everyday communication. Did you know that 269 billion emails are sent daily? That is more than 3.1 million emails per second with the average person receiving about 120 per day.

Staggering? Yes indeed.
Choosing the right email protocol for your needs, will make your daily life much easier and help you to manage that inbox. 

So which email is right for you?

Easy to use

Introducing easy to use, easy to manage support packages

You now have the opportunity to choose between three possible pre-paid support packages. It works similarly as pre-paid airtime: The service is purchased in advance and available when and as needed. Each package is valid for 12 months from date of purchase and comes at a whopping 25% discount off our standard rates.

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