Introducing easy to use, easy to manage support packages


Suppliers should make your life easier. Right? And that is exactly what we aim to do. Support comes in many shapes and sizes and at Azapi Online Marketing we believe that the level of support we provide to our clients distinguishes us from the rest. Our support team is challenged daily to answer support requests within a certain time limit and to provide a professional service. The lapse between the time the requests was received to being answered are monitored, so also is the responses and who the responsible team member was for each query. All great attempts to provide a top notch service.

This is however not where the buck stops. A support service should also consider your other needs, such as time and budget. It is not the time to negotiate costs, when support is needed. Nor is one client’s need for support the same as another. This is exactly why we developed packages that will suite your support and budget needs.

Pre-paid support packages

You now have the opportunity to choose between three possible pre-paid support packages. It works similarly as pre-paid airtime: The service is purchased in advance and available when and as needed. Each package is valid for 12 months from date of purchase and comes at a whopping 25% discount off our standard rates. Your options are:

Buy your support package now

Other advantages include:

  • Valid for up to 1 Year
  • TopUp Your Account Anytime
  • Detailed Report of Time used
  • Priority Email/Phone Support
  • Cost Effective

The ball is in your court

You can keep a tab on how you are using your pre-paid support. Our system allows you to login and see how much time has been used, what is was used for and how much are still available.

So why wait?

Buy your support package now

If you have any questions please contact us on or 087 820 0780.

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