Is your website backed-up? Yes!


As of 1 March, website backups are part of your hosting service. We strive to raise the bar of our product and service offering and believe that this is an important component to add to your current hosting service. Knowing you have an up to date backup provides peace of mind, data integrity and minimises any downtime.

Here are a few reasons why doing backups are important to you:

Adding value

Website backups are such an important service and safety net, for both yourself and us as the service provider. This is an obvious service extension to include.

Latest version

Have you ever spent hours and hours on a document and then realised you lost it? You might have accidentally deleted the file, your computer crashed or the file went corrupt?

The same is true if you are updating content, e.g. blogs, articles, product information and images on your website. This will include development changes such as adding functionality, e.g. online enquiry forms, e-commerce or a booking system.

A website should never be static. It should evolve with the needs of your company and those of your clients. If updates are made and no backup of the latest version exists it could leave you vulnerable, as the live version of the site is becoming more removed from the backup available. Any updates, not backed up will be lost if the website needs to revert to a previous version.

Software updates, malicious attempts or error

Systems and software need to be updated periodically. This improves both the functionality and user experience but might affect the website. We do backups to ensure certain issues can be sorted and data integrity remains intact.

Viruses, Trojan horses and other malware can find their way into your website. The National Cyber Security Alliance found that 20% of small business are compromised as part of malicious attempts on an annual basis. Backups allow us to recover lost, hacked or corrupted files or databases much sooner.

Human error is a reality. It’s perfectly possible that an employee or contractor might click a wrong button or delete a necessary file by accident. Backups decrease your operational downtime and effort needed to continue doing business.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us on We will be happy to assist.

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