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WordPress is set to release version 5.0 at the end of November, which is to be one of the biggest WordPress updates in recent years. Since all of our clients’ websites are using WordPress, we would like to inform you about how this will impact your website and the process Azapi will follow.

The good news is that major updates like these add many new features and functionalities to any WordPress website. Though due to the complexity of the software, it can also introduce new bugs and other plugin related issues. All plugins will also need to be updated at the same time as we upgrade WordPress. This ensures they stay in sync to avoid your site breaking or not functioning properly due incompatibility issues, bugs or other glitches.

A smooth transition to WordPress 5.0 is even more important for e-commerce websites, as they rely on a combination of plugins working together to provide the required functions.

Azapi will be holding off from any website upgrades for 3-4 weeks after the initial release date:

Our Process:
  1. During this time, we will be testing compatibility with our standard set of premium plugins in our development environment.
  2. Where client websites use custom plugins or development, further testing will need to be done.
  3. Before we do any upgrade, a backup will be done in case we need to roll-back.
  4. Once we are happy and have sorted out any issues, we’ll start rolling out these upgrades to our clients’ websites which are on our WordPress Care Plans.
  5. Once your website has been upgraded, we’ll do a review to make sure all is working.

PHP 7 End-of-Life, Upgrading to PHP 7.2

All Azapi’s servers use PHP 7 as a standard for most of our WordPress websites. PHP 7 is the “back-end language” in which your website system is built on. PHP 7 will reach its “End-of-Life” on the 30th of December 2018. This simply means that the PHP community will no longer release updates or security upgrades for PHP version 7, which could leave your website vulnerable over time. Please note this does not mean your website will stop working.

Azapi will be rolling out PHP 7.2 during the first term of 2019 to ensure your website will continue to perform as usual.

Care Plans

If your business is on one of our Care Plans, these upgrades and testing will be done as part of our standard support contract.

If your business is not on a Care Plan, please contact us for a quote to ensure your website stays up to date.

Otherwise sign up to any of our WordPress Care Plans –  to get all the benefits and support your business needs going forward.

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