WordPress Care Plans for your peace of mind


A little care can go a long way to avert potential problems…

This is true for pools, lawns and yes, also websites. While not cleaning your pool will probably only result in judgemental looks from the neighbours, not maintaining the website of your business is a more critical issue. No need to panic though, as there are simple ways to avoid a broken website, which allow you to focus on running your business worry-free.


So why does a website not maintain itself without a bit of human help?

WordPress websites have many components, including various handy plugins, all working together in a delicate balance to make your website look great and work smoothly. All of these elements are constantly being upgraded and so require someone to manage these updates on a regular basis and ensure that all parts work together in synergy.

Without this, your website will not function optimally or could malfunction and be down for days while you lose customers and sales. However, all of this can be avoided and the potential damage drastically reduced if your site is regularly maintained, backed-up, upgraded and looked after.

Most business owners do not have the know-how themselves or a clued-up employee to assist in this regard, and prefer to outsource their website maintenance.

With a simple WordPress care plan, you can have an experienced team looking after your online presence and ensuring that your site is always up and running, while you concentrate on operating your business.


What is included:

At Azapi we offer various Care Plans starting from as little as R400/month to suit a range of budgets and needs. Below is a condensed list of the services included in our plans:

  • Off-site cloud backups, to ensure that a recent version of your site is always stored safely.
  • Regular security checks help to ensure your website is free from malware, known viruses and vulnerabilities.
  • A detailed monthly report on what maintenance has been done and how your site has performed.
  • Regular core upgrades of your WordPress website, plugin updates and theme updates to keep your site safe, stable and operating optimally.
  • As a Care Plan client you will also receive access to use Azapi’s premium plugins.
  • Regular performance checks and optimisation of your database to ensure unnecessary data doesn’t slow down your site’s performance.
  • An uptime monitor which “pings” your website every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day and notifies us immediately by SMS if your site is down.
  • We also monitor your SEO ranking and provide Google Analytics visitor statistics of your site.

Get more info about our Care Plans and pricing here: https://www.azapi.co.za/wordpress-care-plans/

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