Daily back-ups included

Is your website backed-up? Yes!

As of 1 March, daily backups are part of your hosting service. We continuously strive to raise the bar of our product and service offering and believe that this is an important component to add to your current hosting service. Knowing you have an up to date backup provides peace of mind, data integrity and minimises any downtime.

Last minute holiday preparations

Last minute holiday preparations

You know you deserve your holiday, and the good news…it is just around the corner. We would like you to enjoy your break and be well prepared. Here are a few reminders before you hit the road.

Email spoofing

Beware of spoofing

Beware of emails imitating to be someone else, as this could cost you dearly. This time of the year we often see an increase in email fraud. Please be vigilant and put the necessary measures in place.

Contact Azapi on

One point of contact to make your life easier

We made a few significant changes over the last couple of months. Azapi’s goal for 2016 is “automation and sustainability”. This means putting systems in place to efficiently support your business and add value to you as a client.

We started preparing new systems for the company end of last year and can now say that our first billing run was sent out from this new platform. As of 1 August all our projects will run via the new platform as well.

New systems to benefit our clients

Soon to arrive: New systems and benefits for Azapi clients

Our company goal for 2016 is “Automation and sustainability”. We started at the end of last year and worked feverishly towards our goal. The 1st of August 2016 has been set as D-day when we aim to roll the system out to our entire client base.

Make sure your passwords are protected

Protect your digital belongings

Research shows that the average person has nineteen passwords to remember…and most people use the same password, or slight variations thereof, for all their accounts.

Today, 5 May, is World Password Day. Most of us would think of “passwords” as the characters we enter after the username field, but the use of passwords date back many years. Previously used in secret societies and espionage to confirm the message as true or to gain access, it now protects our digital lives and very personal information such as banking and medical records, our emails, social media accounts, and much more. Should your password(s) get into the wrong hands, the loss and damages could be great as well as the treat of identity theft.

Auto Responder

Are you ready to go on holiday?

Summer holidays are upon us and we would like you to be prepared before you go on your well-deserved break. A few things you need to keep in mind this side of the year.

Don’t keep your customers in the dark. Set-up a vacation email message to let them know you will not be able to attend to their request immediately. Inform them of when you will be available again and what they should do in case of an emergency. If you need help with setting this up please let us know in advance. The message can be set-up to activate on a specific date.

Winter Productivity

How to increase productivity over the winter months?

Traditionally winter is seen as a quieter time. The beaches run empty and less people frequent their favourite restaurants. Business, in general slows down. This, however, is no reason to be less productive. In fact, make use of this time to ensure your systems are working the way they should in order to optimise your business lead activity.

Time to reply

Response time: Why this online metric matters?

Time matters in more ways than one to your business. The average lifespan of an online lead is only 5 minutes and you can increase your contact rates by 900% simply by bringing your response time down from over 60 minutes to under 5 minutes.

According to the Harvard Business Review 78% of business goes to the first responder.

What’s included in our Full Monthly Support Package?

What’s included in our Full Monthly Support Package?

We include 1 hour of website support. This can be used to make small quick updates to your website and can include content and image changes. Keeping your website content fresh and updated will keep Google and your clients coming back for more! If you need more support, no problem, please ask, we can provide an estimate or our standard hourly rate will apply.