Soon to arrive: New systems and benefits for Azapi clients


Our company goal for 2016 is “Automation and sustainability”. We started at the end of last year and worked feverishly towards our goal. The 1st of August 2016 has been set as D-day when we aim to roll the system out to our entire client base.

It is important to us to provide the best possible customer service and use our skills and expertise to improve your online presence.

This means putting systems in place to efficiently support your business and add value to you as a client.

This new system will be completely transparent and will give you online access to your account. It is also mobile, so you will be able to access it whenever and wherever needed.

A few of the great benefits:


  • Log support tickets.
  • Support tickets are tracked, so you will always know the current status.
  • Urgent tickets can be escalated.
  • See who logged support tickets.


  • Check domain availability.
  • Order new domains.
  • Renew your current domains.


  • Order new services online from Azapi.
  • View your current services.


  • Manage your email accounts online.
  • Add new email accounts.
  • Remove email accounts.
  • Reset passwords.


  • View the status of any current running project.
  • View the time spent on a project or task.
  • See who commissioned work.
  • Review project timelines.
  • Access to billable work.


  • View and pay invoices online by EFT.
  • We will roll-out Credit Card and a new Direct Debit System in the coming months.


  • Add another contact with access rights to your account.

Access to even more information

  • We will be able to set up a knowledge base with Frequently Asked Questions, so you have quick access to the answers you need.

We hope you are as excited about this project as we are. We tackled this endeavour because the benefits to the company and our clients seem obvious. Automating the systems and streamlining processes to provide you with efficient support, services and products.

Please feel free to give us your feedback, it will greatly be appreciated and help us to improve the system as we move forward.

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