New Team Members


We need to adapt, companies grow and required skillsets change. This also allows us to find more awesome talent to add to our team. We are very please to introduce our latest two team members to you.

Neil Clulow

This Durbanviller studied at CTI Education Group, which is affiliated with Heriot-Watt University in Edinburg, UK, to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

In his spare time he enjoys to read about new computer languages and entertains himself with “new little coding experiments”. During his third year of studies he completed an internship as a junior backend developer, dabbled with various php and javascript frameworks, as well as database construction regarding MSSQL and MYSQL.

He has a true passion for system and application development and is always looking for a new way to write or improve his codebase.

You will find Neil in the gym every morning, as he believes this keeps him healthy, fit and focused. He is also the voice in the office that reminds you that eating that entire slab of chocolate would probably be too much.

Robin Rubain

Robin always has a smile on her face, and you can hear it when you talk to her. You can speak to Robin regarding accounts, be it that you need clarification on something, want to follow-up or have a general question about the office administration.

She joined our team earlier this month and is being groomed to be Belinda, our financial manager’s, right hand. Robin studied at Northlink College to become a Microsoft Technology Associate. She was appointed in an administrative position and thereafter moved into the finance side of the business.

She enjoys spending time with her family, is said to be a cook to be reckoned with and also enjoys reading crime thrillers.

Asked if she is a “cash” or “credit” person, she gives a nervous laugh and replies: “It depends on the purchase.”

Neil and Robin, thank you for making us an even better team and sharing your skills and talents with Azapi.

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