Response time: Why this online metric matters?


Time matters in more ways than one to your business. The average lifespan of an online lead is only 5 minutes. You can increase your contact rates by 900% by bringing your response time down to under 5 minutes.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 78% of business goes to the first responder.

How to Win the Time Advantage

timetoreply is an algorithm-driven software that enables you to track, monitor and optimize response time. This includes web inquiries and then to display this time live on your site as an instant trust builder.

The software tracks and monitors inbound inquiry channels, which forwards to a unique timetoreply response tracker. The timetoreply algorithm then delivers a live, average response time which takes into account business hours, public holidays, time zones etc.

The live average time is fed out to the timetoreply Speedo which you can display on your site to build trust and drive more leads. Recent research shows businesses that display the Speedo on their website increase sales leads by an average of 28%.

timetoreply also provides weekly reports to give visibility across a sales team and data that enables them to optimize response time performance.

Benefits of running time to reply:

  • Accurate inquiry and lead response-related information.
  • Visibility of individual sales team member’s response time performance.
  • The timetoreply Speedo builds trust at an early entry point to sales funnel.
  • Increased lead generation and brand engagement.

As a certified re-seller of timetoreply Azapi can help you both set up the software and make sure it is optimized for your business.

Contact us for more information or a quick demonstration and start reaping the rewards of improved response time.

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