What’s included in our Full Monthly Support Package?


1. Website Support

We include 1 hour of support. This can be used to make small quick updates to your website and can include content and image changes. Keeping your website content fresh and updated will keep Google and your clients coming back for more! If you need more support, no problem, please ask, we can provide an estimate or our standard hourly rate will apply.

2. Website Content Management System (CMS)

Yip it’s included. Over the years Azapi has developed its own CMS, Content Management System, to help clients keep their websites online and making it easier for us to quickly support you with any of your requirements.  You will get access to the back-end system and we also include 4 hours on CMS training, thereby giving you all the tools to keep your website updated and fresh.

3. Monthly PDF Website Reports

Also included. We will send you monthly reports on how your website is doing in a quick 2 to 3 page PDF via email. The report is an executive overview of where the traffic and users are coming from, how many pages users looked at, what type of devices (desktop, mobile or tablets) are accessing your website, which keywords users typed in search engines to get to your website and if your website traffic is going up or down throughout the year.

4. Website Hosting

Yes, included. Your website needs to live on the internet somewhere. We use enterprise cloud based hosting systems across 3 different data centres to help us scale as your needs increase. For the technically minded, as standard, we include 4gig worth of bandwidth to your website per month, but if you need more, we will certainly add more as needed. You also get 2gig storage for your website.

5. Website Backups

All included. We run daily backups of your website content, images, and the core systems to two different off site locations. Things can go wrong on the internet and it’s always better to have a backup plan in place. You will never have to worry, this is part of our standard service within your package.

6. Website Security

Wow included. We are constantly reviewing and tweaking our online environments for gaps in the security and applying any fixes to the core systems, where needed. No online system is a 100% safe, but we certainly try to keep the bad guys out!

7. Patching, Upgrading and Fixing Content Management System

We are constantly patching, applying fixes, and upgrading the CMS with new features to help make things easier, more SEO friendly and more secure. Your website will always have the latest version of the Azapi CMS. Please feel free to send us your comments on how you feel we can change the CMS to help you more.

8. Monitoring of Website and Hosting Environments

Every 10 minutes we run a series of checks to see if all our systems are online. If any errors are detected, we jump in to action to sort the problem out ASAP. Most of the time you won’t even know there was a problem. Being proactive is what we’re all about.

9. DNS / Domain Management

Everything is connected to your domain and therefore it is vital that we keep things going. We have built our own DNS management tools to help keep your website and email systems online. Azapi is also an officially registered registrar for co.za domains. We have been approved to manage co.za domains on behalf of clients. You will never have to worry about the technical side of your domain and how it works.

10. Basic SEO Checks

We will do some basic SEO checks on your content and make sure content follows the correct structure and formatting. We also check page titles, descriptions and keywords to make sure each page is optimised for search engines like, Google.

11. Website Error Checking and Technical Review

Over the years we have written a system that automatically checks your website for errors and gives us a report to fix any problems as they come-up. We are always looking to improve your website.

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