Does a Care Plan for WordPress Make Business Sense?


You’ve created a WordPress site for your business but does paying for a care plan make business sense? Unless you have spare time on your hands to ensure the backups and updates are correctly done, the plugins are working, your data is safe and your website is functioning at all times  – the short answer is an overwhelming YES!

WordPress Careplans

Receiving the support you need to ensure that your website is running at optimal levels at all times and doing what you envisioned right from the start is an essential component for being successful. A well functioning site with limited downtime will improve your reputation among current and future consumers.

This is where our WordPress care plans make sense

All WordPress sites use a range of specially created plugins that enable your site to complete various tasks and special business-focussed functions. However, these plugins are created by multiple authors and are consistently updated to newer versions to comply with the latest version of WordPress or to address security issues and bugs. Though it’s not guaranteed that these mandated updates will not lead to some downtime for your website it is better to have a trained web specialist on hand if something does go wrong.

Apart from monitoring your site, the specialist assigned to your website will create a full system backup before any changes are made to ensure your important data remains safe and secure. It’s important to remember, backups are essential and act as a protection of your investment.

Once this is done they will proceed to update plugins, rollback plugins, replace plugins or even adjust the theme to continue optimal performance. Additionally, Azapi will receive a notification if your website is not responding, allowing us to quickly and efficiently deal with the problem.

Wordpress Careplans make sense

Luckily, Azapi offers various WordPress care plans to keep you covered and your business moving forward by providing you with the following key features:

CloudBackups Cloud Backups Uptime Uptime Monitor
Security Security Checks Image Image Optimisation
Google Google Analytics database Database Optimisation
wp Core WP Upgrades SEO SEO Monitoring
premium Premium Plugin Access Checks Performance Checks
plugin Plugin Upgrades reports Monthly Reports
theme Theme Updates consultation Support & Consultation
Support Priority Support

Our 3 care solutions

Azapi offers three different care plans, subject to the level of support you need.

Starter Care Plan

Our entry-level plan is best suited for one-page websites and smaller businesses who require basic maintenance of their online presence.
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buttonsStandard Care Plan

This popular website maintenance package is used by most businesses to ensure that their website is well looked after and that the necessary security measures are in place. Also included in this plan is up to an hour of support or content updates on a monthly basis.
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Business Care Pla

Our premium package is great for larger clients who rely on their website for the day-to-day running of their business. This is ideal for clients who require regular content updates, monthly newsletters or e-commerce businesses. Also included in this plan is up to two hour’s of support and content updates on a monthly basis.

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