Why Original Content Makes All The Difference


Through the ages, we have constantly assigned value to certain objects that form part of our daily lives. Just think about how much value we place in commodities like gold, oil and water (especially in a water-scarce region like South Africa). However, more recently other less obvious aspects that play integral roles in our lives have increased in value; our data and original content.


Both these new commodities serve a common purpose for businesses around the world, to assist them in their marketing efforts of better understanding their customers in order for them to first catch their attention and secondly hopefully their buy-in. 

But for now, let’s focus on creating original content.

  1. What’s the plan man

If you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you have to really pull up your sleeves and commit to producing something both delightful and engaging. Additionally, you naturally need to understand and have a true reason for wanting to create content… this is the why aspect of your content plan. Are you looking to increase traffic towards your site? Are you looking to generate sales leads? Working alongside content professionals can assist you greatly in formulating your content strategy.

What's the plan man?

  1. Hey! I know you

Great conversations can take time, however, if you really know the person you’re talking to, it comes a little bit faster and a little bit easier. Knowing your audience allows you to create content that you know your audience will find interesting. Therefore it is important to create content that satisfies your audience’s needs and answers questions they might have. By taking the time to know your audience you’ll find that your content will help you form a closer and stronger bond with individual customers.

Great conversations can take time

  1. The real OG!

Nobody likes a fake pair of sneakers, a really bad ripped copy of your favourite movie and guess what, content is no different. It does not take a rocket scientist to see when content has been refurbished and when something truly meaningful has been forged after hours of painstaking writing and way too many cups of coffee. Not only will your readers appreciate something truly original but Google will be right there alongside your new-found fans and sing your praise by ranking your content higher! Additionally aligning original content with great SEO practices will slingshot your content right to the top of the content marketing charts! 

The real OG!

  1. Headline Act

As is the case with festivals, the first thing people look at before they invest their time and money is who (or in this case what) the headline is! You won’t be super excited about a band you’ve never heard of headlining a festival now would you be excited about a piece of content that has a bleh headline. Fact is, 80% of people will read your headlines but only 20% of those same people will actually continue to read the rest of your content. 

Headline Act

  1. Any Questions?

Create content that strives to educate, entertain and importantly make the reader stop and really think about what has been written. Yes, leave readers with questions, leave them wanting to know more and hopefully they’ll be back on your site hungry to interact with your business.   

Q&A this way

In Conclusion

There are many ways to form connections with your audience, however very few of these avenues have the power that can be found in original content. Remember, the content you create and publish is an extension of your voice and should, therefore, be authentic and interesting. So take the time, put in the hours and eventually when the dust has settled you’ll reap the benefits of your hard work! With Azapi as your digital partner, you’ll make connections that matter! 

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