A New Way of Business Post-COVID-19


As the world emerges into the new normal after the pandemic hybrid work with teams scattered across the globe has become the norm. Now, more than ever it is vital to digitise your business and processes. It is up to companies to innovate and embrace new methods to continue doing business and connecting with the customers on whom they depend.

Digitising in multiple ways. 

Keeping your team connected and collaborating means changing the way we work. Now more than ever it is vital to incorporate the latest technology offerings that platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer. It’s time to embrace all that these technologies offer such as staying in touch with your team via chats and video conferencing, collaborating with your team in real-time on documents, accessing your company files from anywhere and securely storing your data.

To stay connected with clients consider expanding your business online by using an e-commerce platform, an online chat or even a mobile application to enhance your customers’ experience. Look into new and better ways of connecting with your clients and ensuring that your customer service team has access to the best technologies to ensure seamless customer interactions.

Advantages of digitising your business

Making use of new technologies will allow your company to digitise and innovate in the way you do business while embracing future technologies.

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Here are 4 things your business can do to be proactive during these changing times. 

Stay Informed

Don’t be afraid to try new things, stay ahead by evaluating what your competitors are doing and implementing changes. By surveying the business landscape, you’ll get a better understanding of new trends, what people are looking for and how other businesses are meeting or not meeting those needs. Resources such as the rising retail categories tool, Google Trends and Google Alerts can help you stay up to date.

Be current and transparent

Google processes 63000 search queries per second, make sure your business is the answer. Customers are continually looking for new information online, therefore all your business’s online information should be updated regularly to reflect any changes. Update your customer-facing sites, Social Media Profiles, Google My Business for Google Search, and Google Maps to ensure you grow your audience and improve your leads.

Adjust in real-time

The world is changing faster than ever, with new developments coming to light with every passing minute. This means that your business cannot afford to remain dormant while consumer behaviour shifts. Make sure your offerings remain front and centre with relevant and effective marketing campaigns.

Go remote

Many businesses have adopted a hybrid working approach, and most have found it the ideal opportunity to change the way they do business embracing video conferencing solutions like Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts to provide teams and clients places to keep communication channels open.

Looking beyond COVID-19

All if not most industries require digitisation and people all over the world are becoming aware of this truth. People are embracing new technologies like never before. Learning new ways to buy, use, enquire, search, and implement their needs. The question that you must answer is: Are you ready to deliver them this experience?

Azapi will help you with business digitisation together we can ensure that your business stays relevant, useful and optimised in this time of digitisation.