From hosting to management: Why having a trusted internet partner in 2014 is a good idea


Having a website used to be fairly simple.

If you had hosting, support and backups you had it all. Once you were past the design phase contact with your web company was limited. As long as your website was up and running any contact with the company responsible for the hosting was limited to paying the monthly debit order and the occasional help desk call log for email support.

Then a few other things happened. CMS, SEO, Google algorithms and apps, online marketing, social media, blogging and content management to name but a few. Suddenly what seemed simple became an online jungle.

Your marketing and web department used to be two very different companies, one taking charge of your online presence and the other marketing your services. Until it became too expensive.

Your web design firm just became your online marketing partner. The website they designed for your business now plays an integral role in your company achieving its online marketing goals.

So how do you choose a provider that is right for your business? Below a list of the types of questions, we think you should consider.

  • Have they considered strategies to generate revenue for your business from your website?
  • Have they devoted time to analyse your business, market and competitors?
  • Can they expand your website as your business grows?
  • You have an established brand; can they extend this to your website?
  • Your website is compatible with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices?
  • Social media integrated into your web design?
  • Will there be on-going maintenance after the site goes live?

At Azapi what we offer goes far beyond simple web hosting. If you feel the need to discuss any of the above, give us a call.

We take care of your online presence, by providing efficient systems and progress tracking, as well as daily and monthly reports. We’ve been around the block and understand that your needs, target audience, pricing and competitors will change in the future. We will, therefore, ensure that your online presence is maintained, updated and (most importantly) found.