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Connecting the dots

Creating a strong online presence has become fundamental to any business. This can be as elementary as making use of one social media platform or involve several mediums, such as a website with an e-commerce system, Google AdWords, an extensive social media strategy on multiple platforms and many more. Whether you choose a simplistic or more complicated route, you will need the right skills, systems and experience to achieve the desired results.

As a business owner, you need to focus on building your company. Your time should not be consumed by trying to figure out how to use the web to your advantage. Rather partner with a supplier who will add value to your company. A partner that will connect the dots between your company, its goals, target audience, your products and services and your web presence.

Love social media

Our love for social media

How, do I love thee, let me count the ways…I post to you on Facebook, I tweet to your heart’s content, I write to you on my  blog, tell you great stories and show you beautiful photographs.

The way people communicate has changed dramatically. Research studies estimate that every person receives an exorbitant number of up to 20,000 marketing messages per day. No longer does it help to shout the loudest or the most often. 

Marketing Efforts

Three thoughts to excel in your marketing efforts

Picking the fruits of your marketing efforts can be very rewarding for your business, but planting the tree that produces those fruit and making sure it flourishes can be a painful exercise. We’ve come up with three – thought-provoking exercises that will help you pick those juicy mangos.

Google Partnership

Are you paying too much for Google AdWords?

Google recently launched a new campaign to get people to join their AdWords marketing channel, which for those of you who don’t know,  is their pay-per-click advertising system.  To run successful AdWords campaigns, Google offers agencies like Azapi the opportunity to certify as Google Partners to help clients optimize their online marketing.
Get more consistent traffic to your website - diversify!

Get more consistent traffic to your website – diversify!

You’ve spent all that time and money developing, what you think is an amazing website, but you’re not number one in Googles’ search results when someone searches for your product.  Here’s what to do…

Why your customers would rather Google and how you need to connect the dots

Why your customers would rather Google and how you need to connect the dots

It’s overwhelming we know. 

There used to be a time when money was your most valuable commodity. If you had a large advertising budget you would outshine the rest. Communicating with your customer through traditional media did the trick. You would place a snippet in your local paper, maybe record a radio piece, design a great-looking magazine advertisement or print some flyers. Your customer would phone you and 1,2,3 the job was done.

Even though constant visual reminders are great for brand building, traditional media is losing market share.  Your customer is no longer interested in sales talk, they want to know how you will add value to their lives.

What’s with the jargon?

You regularly hear the words, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, online presence, web traffic and SEO. 

What does this have to do with running a business?