Do you need some time and help to review your website content and design?


We understand the importance of updated content and a visually appealing site. That’s why we include an hour in your monthly business package to be used for content and image updates as well as support. Should your site need a bit more attention and you want to follow a staggered re-design approach oppose to a complete overhaul, please talk to us and we will work out a plan that will best benefit you.  A staggered approach will be less daunting as you will be dealing will smaller chunks at a time, in comparison to the whole elephant looking down at you.

Here is a few reasons why it is important to regularly update your website content and design:

  • New content shows that your business is active.
    By showing that you are engaged and interested in providing information, you show that you are committed to your customers. Users want to see new content each time they visit your site. Give them a reason to return and they are more likely to be converted into a loyal customer.
  • By sharing your knowledge, people will trust your advice and are more likely to want to frequent your business.
    Customers want to support businesses that are respected and well-liked. Present yourself as the authority, the expert, and you can improve the public’s perception of you.
  • New content is good for SEO and can influence rankings.
    Google loves fresh, original content. When you update your website frequently Google will trust that you are an engaging, active business and they may rank your site higher in search results. Nothing tells a search engine you are a trustworthy site like regular updates with fresh, high-quality content. All the major search engines crawl your site on a regular basis and if they keep seeing the same information month after month you will slowly lose some of the authority that you worked so hard to get.
  • Regular website design updates show you are up-to-date in your industry.
    If you’ve ever navigated to a site that is visually outdated then you know it doesn’t lend any confidence in that business. Having up-to-date website design gives consumers confidence that you are also up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry.
  • Updated website design shows your business is well organized.
    First impressions are important and it’s common knowledge that having a neat, clean and organized front office shows clients that your business is also well organized. Having a presentable website design does the same for your businesses in the online world. When customers come to your website, it’s your first opportunity to prove to them that your business is structured.
  • Updated website design can help improve user experience.
    Making your website design easy to navigate will keep consumers coming back. Websites that are confusing and difficult to use are the fastest way to lose customers. Consumers often have many avenues for purchasing a virtually identical product or service. If they are on your site and it’s difficult to purchase or navigate, they will go someplace else that’s easier.

Make sure the following information is always updated on your website:

  • Contact details, product and services.
    If you moved offices, changed telephone numbers or email addresses, changed your product or service offering, this information should be updated on your website immediately. There is nothing that clients hate more than trying to contact your business and getting an error message.
  • Social media links add a voice to your business.
    Social media links add credibility to your business and offers an opportunity to create conversation with your potential and current clients. If you have social media accounts, or start to participate on a new platform, add these links to your site and let your clients know.
  • Having common questions presented and answered will save time.
    Do you find yourself continuously answering the same questions to clients? Make these questions easily available on your website. This will save both yourself and your clients time and you’re your clients will appreciate you for it.

The maintenance hour is not transferable to other services such as AdWords or social media and cannot be accumulated.  Find out what is included in your monthly package.

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