Online trends for 2016


Taking note of trends allow us to plan and be prepared for what is happening. We had a look at what some of the online gurus predict for the next few months ahead, distilled this information, added our own insights and share these with you.

Content Marketing:

It is most surely not a secret that the online world is gaining serious traction over traditional marketing methods. In a recent online poll done by SmartInsights Content Marketing was voted as the one marketing activity that will make the most significant impact in 2016.

According to the Content Marketing Institute this is “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

No longer do we interrupt and bombard our customers with advertisements. Much rather, we provide them with content that they find enticing, informative and provide information that makes your buyer more knowledgeable. The reward: a customer that feels respected and respect you for your authority in the industry. Finally, increased sales.

Mobile marketing and responsive design:

According to Mary Meeker’s Annual Mobile Trends round-up adult internet engagement has doubled over the last 7 years. On average American adults spent 5.6 hours online daily, of which more than half of this engagements was with a mobile device. Last year Google announced their “Mobilegeddon” algorithm whereby preference is given to mobile friendly sites in the search results when a user is on a mobile device. The use of mobile devices continue to increase and it would be worthwhile to consider the mobile user’s experience.

Video ads

will increase. Video per se, is not the new kid on the block, the use of video though for advertising are becoming more acceptable to the user. Millions of YouTube videos are streamed daily and the user now also views videos on Facebook and advertisements with their carousel option. Google will start (already) to allow videos in the Search Engine Results Page. Expect to see video ads more regularly.

Virtual reality = a reality:

Several virtual reality devices are scheduled to launch over the next years. Virtual reality will not only change gaming, it will change how we interact with each other, how we use social media, how we work and have meetings. We will be able to share events with others and allow them the possibility to experience these as if they were actually there.

Wearable technology

is predicted to see an adoption rate of 28% this year. Technology, and mobile technology, has become such an integrated part of our lives that it is no longer a cellphone we carry with us. It has become the watch we wear around our wrists, our health tracker, pedometer, a virtual reality headset, and so much more.

These trends will affect the way we market and spend our budgets. Let’s have a cup of coffee and talk through some ideas to increase your brand’s presence on the net.