5 steps to help you grow your business online


  1. Analyze your website traffic, install Google Analytics code.

    Check where your clients are coming from, which pages they are looking at, which search terms they use to get to your website. Look at the different sources with the highest conversion and engagement rates. You can also use Google Webmaster Tools to get in-depth knowledge about your website. This will give you insight into information such as: how you rank for certain keywords; which pages were indexed by Google and even suggestions on how to improve your website.

  2. Re-target your online marketing.

    Focus on the highest conversion sources by using your Google Analytics stats, this might be a particular website, article, video or even download. Use Google AdWords, get listed on Google Maps, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other channels to drive more targeted traffic to the core focus areas of your business.

  3. Look at your delivery methods.

    How are you getting your message through to your clients? Newsletters, online video’s (YouTube, Vimeo), blogs, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) or Pay Per Click advertising (Google AdWords)? These all take time to manage and setup, rather use automated systems to help save time. For example, Hootsuite, can help you post preloaded content to multiple social media channels, based on a schedule you’ve set.

  4. Review your most popular content and create more.

    Look at your blog posts, web pages, social media posts, videos and even which ads in you Pay Per Click campaigns are generating the most interests and leads. To help find new engaging topics try Google Trends or pay a specialised copywriter to help write engaging articles for your business. You can even have a short video ad done by a professional or try a service like ViddyAd. Share an idea, give a tip, create an ebook download, shoot a short how-to video. Always create content that adds value.

  5. Test different messages.

    Make sure to test different marketing messages and measure which version worked better. Doing A/B testing on your website can be easy, try Optimizely or Unbounce. You can even do some basic updates to your website “Call to Actions”, change button colours, test different photo’s. The key here is to keeping on testing till you have a clear winner.

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