Monthly Statistics Report updated to show your leads


The stats report now shows you where the leads from your site are generated from.

As a business owner it is important for you to understand how your clients communicate with you. In an effort to assist you with this challenge we adapted our monthly statistics report. Under the heading “Top lead sources on your website” you will now see the most effective leads from all active online forms, newsletter signups, enquiries from e-commerce systems and product systems. The report will give you the page name, how many enquiries were received and what percentage the enquiries from that page were.

How do you know which form we are talking about? You will see that each of the links are active. Therefore, when you hover over the link you will be able to click on it and go through to the related page on your website.

Why is this important to you? A lead is a potential new customer, a sale that can be closed, money in the bank. Your website is your electronic business card and could potentially help you to build your revenue. This update allows you to see at a glance which of the enquiry methods on your site works, which enquiry forms perform better and how enquiries compared to the previous month.

We believe this addition will be of value to you. You are welcome to give us your feedback.