Website trends for 2015


As human beings we have exhibited the need to look into the future since the beginning of time. This is no longer so difficult. We combed through a few of this year’s website trend predictions, added our own experience and share these with you.

Words don’t come easy:

Content has become increasingly important over the years, and marketers envision that  blogging will become a top investment. A decent blog can be beneficial in many ways:

  • It gives personality to the organization;
  • it is quick and instant, a way to provide interesting information about the company and;
  • an opportunity to establish your company as an authority within your field of expertise.

Original, quality content tailored to your consumers’ needs is always key in order to capture the attention of your audience.

Large background images…or not?

Some forecasters say large background images are here to stay. Others state that in order to be noticed, one should be different – therefore toss that large background image into the recycle bin. Use them or lose them, the fact remains that professional high quality photography is not to be argued!


More and more people are accessing information from the web via their mobile devices. Is your website mobile friendly or are you making it difficult for clients on the move to access your information on the web?


Communication on digital platforms has become the norm. Increasingly companies design their corporate ID around web-based communication and even have responsive logo designs to accommodate different screen sizes and social media platforms. Does your logo adapt appropriately?

Longer scrolling sites:

The increased use of mobile devices and responsive sites has seen the rise of the scrolling website, making it easier for the user to scroll to information than to click through.


Throw away all the clutter, all the unnecessary irrelevant information and all the stale, bad photographs. Streamline your websites and make sure the user can get to the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Many of these predictions are already unfolding, mostly because these trends enhance the user’s experience. Show you care about your consumer by rewarding them with quality in every aspect your business.

Do you need to review your online marketing? Let us have a look and discuss this over a well brewed cup of coffee.

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