Increase web traffic with Google’s new mobile friendly strategy


Is your site mobile friendly? Upgrade now and benefit from Google’s adjusted search result view. In future mobile friendly or responsive website will be highlighted in search results, thereby assisting internet users in their choice towards a mobile friendly option.

Internet searches on mobile devices has increased phenomenally over the last few years. More than 50% of internet searches are now done from a mobile device. Responsive sites are optimized for various screen sizes and therefore need a different approach to layout and design.

A responsive website responds to the size of the users’ screen, e.g. content will run over one column on a phone, but will be spread over two on a tablet. Most importantly, it considers the user and their needs, whether it is somebody working from a stationary office on a desktop or from their phone between meetings.

Google currently holds the predominant share of global searches with 78% and processes more than 40,000 search queries every second on average.

Is your site responsive? Use this tool from Google to find out if your site is responsive.

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