Web Technologies: Best Practices and Trends for 2014!


What can we expect from 2014 and what should we be focusing on?

The internet changes daily, how we use it, the type of information we search for and how it helps us. This year will be no different, so let’s take a look at the top trends we think will stand out this year.

  1. Web Apps

    The new buzz word on the block. Everybody wants one, but does is really work? “Web apps” live on the internet but allow users to store information offline as well. The real question would be “Will my clients use it? How does it add value? ” With mobile phones, high-resolution displays like Apple’s retina-displays and high-end processors growing by the minute, you should wonder how this will fit into your business.

  2. HTML5

    HTML5 is the new kid on the block. It provides a lot of the power behind web apps and websites. HTML 5, lets us do things with much more punch. The focus is on consistency, predictability, ease of coding and the use of rich multimedia within websites.

  3. Responsive design

    This is used to help customers view and experience the same version of a web page on different devices. The explosion of tablets and smartphones all over the world has made responsive design an absolute must for your website.

  4. BIG Photos!

    Finding the right high-quality and content related photos for your website will make your website stand out from your competition. Updating your website photos will give it a fresh new look and make it more attractive. It is all about finding the right image!

  5. The “scrolling” webpage

    Why make your visitors click “Next” for more blog posts, simply let them keep scrolling! While this method is not the best solution from a design perspective, it will undoubtedly be something we see a lot more in 2014.

  6. Single Page layouts

    It typically brings content and related information onto one page to help the user progress naturally through the information without having to click around. There are some great examples of this, which also includes engaging animations!

  7. CSS animations

    CSS animations are a simple, but powerful way to add some awesome effects and animation to your website without having to resort to Flash.

  8. Social media embeds

    Should I or should I not join the crowd? “Social media embeds” will leave us with a choice: support the embeds or develop your own solution to display social media related content, as RSS is being phased out in favour of using social media’s own proprietary embeds.

  9. Infographics

    While infographics are not strictly web design, it does help make complex ideas much easier to understand from a user’s perspective. We all like looking at interesting graphics.

  10. Going Flat

    Yip, keep it flat and simple! Less is more, as we embrace new trends on mobile and other platforms, we all work towards given clients an uncluttered, not over designed, optimal experience. A flat design places the emphasis back on the content, whether that’s text, images or video.