How can an E-Commerce website drive business to you?


Did you know that 8 out of 10 transactions start online?

When thinking about opening your next store, it is no longer about the choice of shopfitting and signage, but rather which payment portal you will use when you launch, not in the next province, but online.

E-commerce presents countless opportunities and offers great advantages to most retail businesses. We explore 5 reasons why this should be your next consideration:

  • Cross the boundaries of space

Why only open up a store in one area if you can service clientele across the country? With an online store, you can reach your target audience in more than one location at any time of the day or night.


  • Employ Google as your new sales team!

No more sales reps, cars or petrol. Simply drive your online retail through search engines. Whether you use organic search optimisation or Google AdWords, with the right input your customer will find you.

  • Save money!

Not only do you save on staff costs, but also on advertising and marketing as organic search engine traffic, pay-per-click, and social media traffic can deliver very cost-effective ways of reaching your audiences. And since Groupon really makes a killing, why not offer a coupon?

  • Get results at the click of a button!

No travelling, no endless paging through a printed brochure (which is outdated), your customer just types in the keyword in a search box on your site and tada! Your website can even remember your customer’s preferences and shopping lists in order to encourage repeat shopping.

  • Authentic recommendations

Do you sometimes wish that you could ask someone’s opinion when having to choose a product in a retail isle – that is apart from the opinion offered by the salesperson? Well with an e-commerce site, you can! You customers can leave recommendations, rate your product or showcase purchases in similar categories, all to make their decision so much easier.

So next time you think about opening up shop, why not give Azapi a call so we can discuss ways to get your customer to click, add and pay!

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