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Marketing your business online starts with understanding your audience. The Facebook Pixel allows business owners to send the right marketing message to the right person at the right time. Online advertising has never been this much fun!

Understanding Facebook Pixel

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A pixel is a piece of code placed on your website to provide you with the analytics of users visiting your website. This means that one can track the actions taken on your website in relation to ads or content shown on Facebook.

For example, the pixel is triggered when someone visits your website and completes an action, like making a purchase or filling in a form. In addition, this piece of code can attribute action on your website to an ad shown on Facebook to your target audience, providing you with a detailed view of your return on investment.

The Facebook Pixel allows you to capture signals based on the actions that people take on your website. Signals can either be low-intent, such as users visiting the home page of your website or high-intent, users adding items to the ‘basket’. Once you know the intention of users visiting your site you are able to market your product or service more effectively.

Improved Intelligence with Facebook’s Pixel

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The Facebook Pixel allows one to improve your marketing efforts and target those customers who have seen your ads or taken an action on your website. Every so often users come to your site to browse or even attempt to make a purchase, pixel technology allows one to target this audience in future marketing efforts. But wait, it gets even better. Using this data you can advertise to a new audience that carries similar traits to the data which you have collected, creating even more opportunity to build your business. Advertising is futile unless you have conversions, right? Getting the most from your marketing efforts becomes a whole lot easier as Facebook is able to improve its ability to deliver ads to people who are more likely to take the desired action. This is called conversion optimisation.

Remarketing is Gold

Human behaviour on the internet suggests that people like to browse around the web, looking at the same product several times before making a decision. As a business owner, you can effectively market your product to individuals who “are still looking”, before buying. The Facebook Pixel allows you to “remarket” to visitors who viewed products, added items to their basket, show upcoming promotions or even a reminder to complete a purchase.


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When it comes to online marketing, data is your best friend. Using Facebook Pixel to drive marketing activities has numerous benefits.

  • Target the right audience
    Sending a specific message to the right audience means that you can speak to those who have made a purchase, filled in a form or even added a product to their cart. You can also expand your reach by marketing to a new set of customers.
  • Increase in Sales
    Optimise your ad campaigns on Facebook in order to target people who are most likely to make a purchase on your website.
  • Effective advertising
    A successful campaign is the product of effective reporting. Gather the most important information, such as the actions taken by users on your site, sales, etc.

Advertise with Facebook

Imagine having a face-to-face conversation with a billion people. While this may not be entirely possible, speaking directly to your target audience can be done through advertising your business on Facebook. Once you’ve set up a Facebook Pixel on your website and started collecting data, you can show relevant ads and communication to those customers you want in your ‘shop’.

Marketing with Facebook Pixel is the next step to growing your business. Azapi Online Marketing offers a unique Facebook marketing offering, ranging from setting up a page for your business, advising on the best strategies and running effective advertising campaigns. Contact our team today to grow with Facebook advertising.