The value of developing a strategy before you start


How did you start your business?

Did you just decide one day to set up shop? Or did you sit down and plan what you wanted to achieve?

With 8 out of 10 transactions starting on Google your website needs to be found and if you’re not sure what your business goals are, how can you possibly convey the purpose of your website to its visitors?

It might have a spectacular design, all the bells and whistles, but without a proper strategy that is aligned to your brand, that defines your target audience and distinguishes your offering from that of your competitors, it will do nothing for your business.

Apart from design and functionality, your web strategy should include:

  • Who your ideal clients are and where to find them in an online environment
  • What you are offering and why it will matter to your clients
  • What social media sites you should be active on
  • Is there content your site needs and in which format, in order for your clients to react to and interact within a positive manner.

Your answers will guide your website development, your content, your social media efforts, as well as other touchpoints such as regular communication with your clients and your online campaigns.

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