Responsive Website Design for Mobiles and Tablets


In responsive design size really does matter!

What is responsive design?

With a responsive approach we  build websites in such a way that the site adapts to the size of the screen it is viewed on, without losing important pieces of content or visual appeal.

Think about viewing a website on a desktop computer  – you have a wide screen and can display the data and pictures horizontally, while navigating with a mouse.  A mobile phone or a tablet on the other hand has a much smaller screen with touch screen navigation.  For such a small device one might leave out large images and make navigation icons larger so they’re easier to click.

The aim is to make browsing a pleasurable experience for your customer, independent of the device that they’re using.

Who can benefit from a responsive design?

If your website traffic has more than 10% of users accessing it via a mobile device, it might be time to consider doing a responsive design if you do not already have one.

Your monthly report now includes statistics on just this!

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