3 Ways to Connect with your LinkedIn Audience


Advertising your business on LinkedIn presents an opportunity to expand your professional network and market your business to a unique audience. This platform has built a reputation as the number one place to do business on the internet. Whether you are looking to connect with professionals from your industry or target specific businesses, LinkedIn is the place to be.

Online marketing is often split into two types of activities, brand building and lead generation. The LinkedIn marketing suite allows users to create awareness for their brand and to drive sales for their business.

With more than 600 million users on this platform, the question isn’t if you should be on LinkedIn but rather, how often have you been posting content on this platform and engaging with other users.

Understanding all the ins and outs of a platform like LinkedIn can be quite daunting, however, a good place to start is understanding the numerous tactics that one could employ to reach your target audience on this social network.

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Fresh and relevant content tailored to your target audience is sure to give your brand a boost on LinkedIn. However, you can now amplify or promote your content to appear in the feeds of people who are most likely to find value in your content and interact with your posts. Here are a few benefits to consider for your next ‘sponsored content’ on LinkedIn:

  • Highlight current events, products or services
  • Increase your engagement with prospective users
  • Generate qualified leads for your business, using Lead Gen Forms

When adding LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms you can get something in return for great content. LinkedIn’s prepopulated forms and easy-to-use call to action makes capturing your audience’s details effortless.

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Sending the right message to the right person can deliver great dividends. However, with our inboxes being flooded on a daily basis the question remains, “how do I get noticed on social media?”

Using InMail means you can still get the maximum benefit from crafting a winning marketing message with many valuable features.

  • B2B lead generation
  • Start direct conversations with valuable prospects
  • Promote company events

One of the major benefits of marketing with InMail is that you don’t have to contend with different kinds of email software or worry about being blocked by overprotective email servers. InMail delivers your marketing message with a clear call to action directly to your audience’s inbox.

LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms can also be a great addition to your well-crafted marketing message.  

Lead Gen Forms

Does lead generation sound like something out of your comfort zone?

The most important question to ask yourself is, “how do I capture the details of my target audience?” LinkedIn’s new “Lead Gen Forms” will help you do just that. You can share a new case study or invite users to an upcoming event in exchange for capturing their details. Some of the many benefits of this form include:

  • Generate accurate lead details with prepopulating forms
  • Provide the ROI of your campaigns
  • Available for Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content

A simple click on the call to action will open a lead generation form, populated with the user’s details. Once details have been confirmed a simple click will allow users to submit their data in exchange for the desired content or booking your next event.

Text Ads

text ads

Marketing online is all about targeting the right person with a relevant marketing message. LinkedIn’s text ad is a simple pay per click (PPC) solution that ensures you drive new customers to your page or website.

These ads typically show as a small block on the right of your screen, utilising a combination of a small image and a concise marketing message. A text ad is a very simple mechanism that can be used to drive great results.

  • Drive traffic to your website or landing page
  • Target a specific B2B audience
  • Track ad performance by enabling conversion tracking

Home to Millions of Professional and Businesses

LinkedIn is home to millions of professionals and other businesses. LinkedIn provides job titles, education history and company names dotted along the proverbial streets of LinkedIn. As a business owner or marketing professional, this gives you some very useful information for marketing your product or service.

At Azapi we understand that online marketing is quickly becoming the lifeline for every business in the 21st century. Using LinkedIn to communicate with your target audience is a great way of creating awareness and generating leads. Contact us today on 087 820 0780 or support@azapi.co.za to start doing business on LinkedIn.

Make LinkedIn part of your sales and marketing strategy and watch your leads grow.