Business email

Our Business Email is accessible anytime, anywhere and fully compatible with Outlook. It seamlessly plugs into email applications on tablets and smartphones and has enough storage capacity for your business needs.

Secure and reliable

Email hosting for your business

Communication has never been this simple. Take your business to the next level or just get your email game on with your own cloud-based email.

Follow 3 Easy Steps:
1. Pick a or .com domain
2. Enter how many mailboxes you require
3. Complete online registration details & pay online


25GB Mailboxes

Email @ your domain

Give your business a professional look with email @ your domain name. If you're a small business owner you could create aliases like and, which can be delivered directly to you and anyone else in your company.

25 GB mailboxes

Enjoy 25GB of online storage for emails and attachments. Our sharing solution gives you access to your important files no matter where you are.

Email on the go

At Azapi we understand that you need access to your emails anytime, anywhere. Now you can access your emails at the office, on your mobile while traveling or even on a different computer when needed.


Instead of using Outlook you can access your email directly via Webmail. With an easy-to-use email interface, our Webmail also features the essential calendar and contact features any business needs.

Spam & virus protection

Safeguarding yourself against malware and phishing attacks could save you a lot of time and money. Cloud email offers some outstanding security features: anti-virus protection, spam filtering, malware protection, etc.

Unlimited aliases and group lists

As if our extra-large mailboxes weren't exciting enough, our aliases are sure to do the job. Provided you have at least one mailbox with us, our aliases are free addresses which can deliver to multiple mailboxes.


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