Email Marketing

Is email marketing still alive and should my business utilise it?

Good Morning

Check-in first thing...

Almost every morning, millions of us wake up world-wide, make a cup of coffee (or tea) and check our emails. Sometimes we check them before we even get out of bed!

This makes email marketing (yes it's still a thing) one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your customers. Consider this: your customers have opted to have you send them communication. What better way to connect with them than to be able to send personalised emails with specials, promotions, product releases, updates and/or events that will interest them?

Email Marketing


Be Social

Creating A Community

Your customers already know and love slash trust your brand. Now it's up to you to communicate effectively and make them feel like they are part of an exclusive community.

And while most customers do prefer to communicate via email with brands it remains your responsibility to not spam them! So only communicate as necessary and with content designed to engage, remind and benefit your customers.

Communicate Well

Engaging Customers From The Get-go

One of the things emails can help your business do best is retaining and re-engaging customers. Send customers an email when they place an order to confirm it and follow up with them after an order has been delivered.

When a customer signs up, send them a welcome email with an exclusive special offer or a promo code to create excitement around your brand offerings and welcome them to your community. There are so many ways to engage with customers via email at any stage of the sales funnel.

Show Interest

Get Personal With Customers

Customers do not want to be marketed to. They do appreciate personalised and tailored emails, even if it means giving up a little more information to your brand.

Start by asking some questions when they subscribe. Do they want the general news updates newsletter? Or are they only interested in sales and/or promotions emails? This allows you to slim down your communications with customers.

You can repeat this later in the relationship. Sending out an email survey to narrow down your customer’s specific needs and even location. This will enable you to tailor your campaigns even more.

Use Analytics

Track And Measure

Do not underestimate the importance of mail analytics!

Do you know how and even if your customers are responding (or not) to your emails? What are your open rates, click-through rates and how are your customers accessing their emails?

Analytics will reveal all of this and more, but must be regularly monitored on an ongoing basis over an extended period to gauge what’s working, what's got to change going forward and adopt better marketing strategies.

Let’s get you started on your email marketing journey.

Not sure where to start or which email platforms to opt for? Connect with Azapi and let’s start sending out more meaningful campaigns to your customers.