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  • Website Design

    Based on the online strategy, our goal will be to design a great looking, interactive, easy-to-use website that will prove your online credibility, keep users engaged and will turn visitors into clients.

    If you think good design is expensive, consider what bad design will cost you.

    • We produce innovative websites based on targeted strategies.

    1. Website Design

    Web users respond very differently to reading an article in a magazine or brochure than browsing a website. In traditional media, communication only went one way.

    With great web design, content, the use of video, photographs and innovative applications, your customers online experience with your brand will be improved, helping to build trust and credibility.

    We believe that this approach requires some custom and innovative design skills.

    • Professional and user-friendly, irrespective of the device used.

    2. Responsive Design

    91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone.

    Therefore your website needs to be accessible, professional and good-looking irrespective of the device being used; be it smart phone, tablet or computer.

    In essence the design must be "responsive" to the device accessing it.

    This process should happen seamlessly and is one of the core criteria that we keep in mind when designing your website.

    • We make sure your website architecture delivers on the design strategy.

    3. Website Architecture

    How we organise all the content on your website makes the difference between whether users stay to browse, or click away.  

    We'll optimize your navigation to be relevant to your product or services, and make it easy for your target market to find and understand.  

    We spend time in making sure that the website architecture delivers on the design strategy.