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  • Online Strategy

    We'll analyse your business and draft a customised online communications strategy. Using carefully chosen and targeted online marketing channels, we'll bring your customer to you.

    You need to attract the right customer - so we need to start with a plan, a good one!

    • Allow us to position your business online for growth.

    1. Market Research

    To know where you want to go, you need to know where you are. 

    To start off, we analyse your position in the market. We look at what your competitors are doing, who your target audience is, and what your brand promise is all about.

    By doing this well, we will find your unique positioning and help build the core message of your online strategy, including your website.

    Allow us to position your business online for growth.

    • Let us engage your clients through captivating content.

    2. Content Strategy

    Content is king! Your copy and how you use it on different platforms, accurately needs to convey the advantages of using your products and services.

    The internet is growing in size and your target audience is now using search engines to find products and services. Web users demand a higher quality of information and are using knowledge as the key influencer to make decisions.

    Your website is no longer just an information brochure, but a sales and marketing tool as well.

    Let us engage your clients through captivating content.

    • We'll explore the social channels that are best suited for your business.

    3. Social Media Strategies

    Did you think social media is just for children?  Social media is about online conversations, where everyone is connected by talking, sharing and interacting.

    Your target audience will share their experiences and opinions about your brand. We recommend you join the conversation and keep up-to-date. Social media dramatically influences purchasing decisions.

    We will guide you concerning best practices and determine which social channels are most suited for your business.

    • Test, test test - the golden rule for your online advertising strategy.

    4. Online Advertising

    Traditional advertising interrupted audiences by trying to sell them something they didn't need, but online advertising aims to add value by only advertising to qualified audiences - those that are already looking for your product or services online.

    We will develop the correct online advertising strategy for your company, implement it and measure the results.