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  • Online Marketing

    Using the correct online marketing channels suited to your business, we offer measurable results through engagement of your target market.

    • Allow your audience to find you.

    1. PPC Online Advertising ( Pay Per Click)

    Traditional media spoke to the masses about products they did not really need.

    It was usually very expensive and very difficult to measure.

    Utilise pay-per-click advertising such as Google AdWords or social media advertising campaigns to communicate your core offering to a targeted audience.

    Highly measurable and only payable when a qualified lead clicks on your advertisement, this is a sure way to succeed.

    • Create loyalty to your brand and a conversation that will last.

    2. Social Media Marketing

    Everyone tries to do it, but not everyone gets it right.

    Understanding the ethics of social media can be overwhelming at first. Do you understand the difference between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + and which mediums are most suited to your customer?

    Did you know that promotional updates might not get you anywhere?

    Allow us to create value added content that will create loyalty to your brand and a conversation that will last.

    • Monthly reports become your next marketing feedback tool.

    3. Website Marketing Reports

    How does your e-marketing measure up?

    We will send you a detailed monthly report to show you how many people have seen your ad, clicked on it and converted to your products or services.

    This useful marketing feedback tool will help you to up your game and plan ahead.