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  • Online Management

    We take care of your online presence, by providing efficient systems and progress tracking, as well as daily and monthly reports.

    We’ve been around the block and understand that your needs, target audience, pricing and competitors will change in the future. 

    We will therefore ensure that your online presence is maintained, updated and (most importantly) found.

    • Improve your website rankings in search engines.

    1. SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation )

    Understanding how to optimise your website in order for Google to list you on their front page will be one of the key drivers of your success.

    Let us tick the boxes that will improve your chances of featuring in relevant search results for your products or services.

    • We are an authorised reseller of Google Apps for Business.

    2. Corporate Email Solutions

    There is nothing more frustrating than having to send an urgent e-mail and not being able to do it in time.  When you outsource your email service, support might not always be available when you need it or you might end up speaking to a faceless helpdesk.

    We believe it is not your job to attempt to decipher online jargon, or to figure out what is wrong with your mailbox.

    So, as part of our monthly hosting package, we offer e-mail solutions with more storage space and personalised service.

    • We keep it all in the Cloud.

    3. Cloud Based Web Hosting

    Hosting your website is an important job!

    It houses your intellectual property and when it is down, you need immediate support.

    The longer it takes to get a website back up, the more money you may lose. You also need to know that your data is backed-up regularly.

    We have a personal relationship with all our clients. Your business is our business, and we will ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

    • We'll take care of the servers, so that everything stays online

    4. Server Maintenance

    Technology changes every day.

    Security is a real concern for many businesses and being hacked is a headache for all.  We use very specific protocol to make sure that security measures are in place.  

    We also anticipate future changes to make sure that your website is hosted on the most up-to-date server.

    5. Database Websites

    Your website is a portal through which information passes on a daily basis.

    Your customers will click on certain pages, complete contact forms, and buy online or download information.  The resulting traffic statistics, data and contact forms are kept in a safe place we call a database.

    We make sure that the information is secure and available for retrieval.

    • We will register and administrate your internet domain.

    6. DNS / Domain Management

    Your domain is your address on the internet.  

    Domain name services (DNS) are records that help an internet user's browser to find the server that hosts your particular website.  

    We have developed our own DNS system and use a sender policy framework, which will ensure that the messages you are sending to your target audience receive low SPAM rating, thereby reaching them safely and on time.