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    Google AdWords Partner

    What is Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising?

    Pay Per Click (ppc) Advertising is a method where you only pay for clicks when a targeted user clicks on your ads. Google Adwords is the system we use to manage the online marketing with. For search campaigns you only pay once a user has clicked on your ad after searching and seeing your ad either at the top, side or bottom of the Google search results page.

    • Are you getting the right leads? Do you know your ROI?

Get instant targeted traffic to your website

Advertisers, like yourself bid on specific keywords that are relevant to your business or the services you provide. The keywords or phrases trigger your ads and appear only when a user types them into Google. Your ads will normally be highlighted based on their position.

Google AdWords, Pay Per Click Advertising, can be a very successful marketing channel and will help to promote your business to generate more leads.

The benefits of using Google AdWords

  • Instant traffic to you website once the campaign has been activated.
  • You can reach the right target audience at the right time.
  • You can test & optimize different approaches for different audiences.
  • You can track and measure your ROI (return on investment).

Why would Google Adwords work for you?

  • You can measure it! We'll sent you detailed monthly report.
  • You decide how much budget you want to spend per day.
  • Its transparent, you will know exactly what you're paying for.

What's benefits of working with Azapi?

  • We are a certified Google Partner. Check us out.
  • We'll research of your target market for the correct keywords and phrases.
  • We are experts and will set up your campaign to match your target market.
  • We monitor your campaign regularly, by examining the keyword quality scores, clicks, impressions, cost per click and conversions.
  • We help you maximise ROI and achieve your business goals.
  • You'll get a detailed monthly report on your campaign.

Get Google AdWords Quote

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